Donald Trump Conviction Chances ‘Extremely High’ as Former Federal Prosecutor Sends Huge Warning

The former federal prosecutor, Glenn Kirschner recently told Sky News there is an “extremely high” chance that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump will be convicted in at least one of the criminal investigations into him.

High chance of conviction

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Kirschner has 30 years of trial experience and said that in at least one case, both the judge and the prosecution teams “understand the need to punish this kind of wrongdoing.”

Republicans against Trump

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Kirschner worked for six years as a prosecutor for the US Army and a further 24 years for the US government. He predicted that the weight of Republican witnesses against the former president would make it very difficult to claim he was the victim of unfair political persecution.

Legal woes

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The Republican frontrunner is facing a total of 91 felony criminal charges across five states, with allegations ranging from the mishandling of classified documents to illegal election interference.

Important witnesses

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“I think the odds of a conviction are extremely high,” Kirschner told Sky News. “It’s important to recognize who the witnesses are against Donald Trump. These are not Donald Trump’s enemies or opponents, these are not angry Democrats.”

Former team members

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“Interestingly, the people we know are likely to be on the witness list are almost exclusively Republicans. Some of them are his own former cabinet members, his former attorney-general, his former vice president.”

Republicans vs. Trump

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“I believe the testimony we will see will come from a chorus of Republican voices. It makes it much more difficult for Donald Trump, a fellow Republican, to say, ‘They’re all out to get me.'”

Sending a message

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Kirschner went on to predict that if Trump is convicted for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, he will likely receive a harsh sentence as a deterrent to future candidates attempting similar behavior.

Regardless of potential incarceration

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“Nobody knows if he will go to jail, but given the nature of his [alleged] crimes—assuming he’s convicted for essentially trying to bring an end to the peaceful transfer of presidential power—I believe the judge and prosecution team understand that if you don’t punish that dramatic wrongdoing, then you’re giving the next aspiring dictator a green light to do it all over again.”

Blood on his hands

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Kirschner, who also worked under special prosecutor Robert Mueller, has previously argued that the former president’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic amounted to manslaughter and even murder.

Frequent Trump critic

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The former attorney’s comments to Sky News came after his recent comments in a YouTube video concerning Trump’s recent ballot removals. Kirschner called the disqualification clause of the 14th Amendment “53 simple, straightforward, unmistakable words” that make the prospect of Trump being allowed to run for president “inconceivable.”

Supreme Court won’t allow it

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“I want to say it’s ‘almost’ inconceivable, but you know what, I’m going to drop the ‘almost’: it is inconceivable that the United States Supreme Court would rule that someone who holds the office of the presidency, who then engaged in insurrection, should be permitted to hold the office of the presidency again,” Kirschner said.

Crystal clear

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“That would violate those 53 clear, unmistakable words in the 14th Amendment…and it would certainly violate the spirit of the 14th Amendment, Section 3.”


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