Earn Extra Income Through Smart Investments with Iban Wallet

If there is anything that the last few years have taught us, it’s that no jobs are safe. Most of us rely on that one 9 to 5 job for our bread and butter. But, given the wild swings of the economy, a day may come when you find yourself in serious financial crisis. Big companies are being forced to lay off or close altogether. Remember the likes of Macy’s, Best Buy and Nordstrom announcing layoff because of Amazon’s dominance on the retail landscape?

Given the scenario, it is more important than ever to have multiple sources of income, so you aren’t left in the lurch and are prepared to handle unforeseen events. Financial experts suggest a good way to keep the money flowing is by investing it in smart investment routes. Unfortunately, many of us allow our monies to sit idle in the bank’s savings account as we feel the interest would add up in the long run. Some of us even invest in mutual funds and stocks, but they require some level of regular monitoring to fetch higher returns. 

Another great option to invest is global investment platforms. They allow you to invest in a product and offer a fixed rate of interest in return. You do not need to constantly monitor your investments or know the technical know-how to manage them. They are a convenient way to help grow your money and build an emergency fund to fall back on. 

If you are looking for a better financial future and agree that multiple income streams can help you achieve your financial goals faster, here is an investment option for you.

Where to invest

Iban Wallet is a one-of-a-kind digital banking alternative investment platform that offers its investors four different investment products. Depending on the product you choose, you can earn a projected fixed rate of interest varying from 2.5% AER to 6% AER. This projected fixed interest is paid daily and gets credited in your Iban wallet. You can receive real-time notifications for every transaction made on the investment platform. Plus, you can request to withdraw the funds anytime you require them. 

Often, small investors are deterred from investing as they feel they have insufficient funds to begin investing. Or, they may assume that investing needs a huge lump sum to get good returns. But with Iban, you can start investing for as low as $/€1. So, even if you are low on savings, you can invest them wisely and start earning extra money from it. If you let the funds sit idle in a savings bank account, you lose out on higher returns that are possible to achieve through smart investing. 

Furthermore, Iban Wallet ensures risk mitigation and investor protection of their funds through its three-layer protection policy which includes asset-backed loans, a Buyback Guarantee and a Safeguard Trust. The policy does everything it can to ensure your money goes nowhere and can be made available to you anytime you may need it. Even in a rare case, if a borrower defaults, your money should stay safe and secure.

To register on Iban Wallet, you can simply visit the official website or download the App on your iOS and Android devices. The app is easy, engaging and user-friendly. Here is how it works:

  • Sign up for an Iban account with minimal paperwork
  • Add funds in the account
  • Choose the investment product you wish to invest in

Once the registration is complete, you can let your money stay invested and grow every day. Plus, there’s more. You can earn rewards up to €250* by referring friends, family and others to join the Iban platform. 

*Terms and Conditions Apply