How Much Can You Earn from the Quora Partner Program?


Earn from the Quora Partner Program

You’ve likely conducted an internet search and, like many Internet users, stumbled upon an answer in Quora. After all, Quora gets over 2 million visitors a day. As can be expected, all of that traffic brings in big advertising dollars for the site. To make sure that they continue to generate traffic and profits, Quora has a partner program. This allows individuals to reap financial rewards while helping Quora stay popular. As an individual, how much can you earn from the Quora partner program? The answer is, it depends.

How to Join the Quora Partner Program

Sadly, you can’t join just because you want to. This program is strictly by invitation only. The best way to get invited is to open an account with Quora using your real name. Then, ask questions and give answers. Also, check into the site regularly to show that you’re an active user. If you do this, you may receive an invite, but when that might happen is anyone’s guess. For some people, the invitation comes just months after opening an account and being active. For others, the invitation may not come for a year!

How Can You Earn Money from Quora Partner Program?

If you’re invited to the program, Quora pays you to ask questions on the site. However, participants don’t get paid per question. Instead, they’re paid based on the revenue each question generates. So, you may ask a question and only earn pennies, or you may ask a question that generates much more income.

Also, you are paid for the income your question generates for a year. If your question continues to generate income after a year, that’s all Quora’s money, not yours.

The Best Questions to Ask

Earn from the Quora Partner Program

To generate the most income, try asking two different types of questions.

Viral Questions

The first type of question to ask are questions that have the potential to go viral. These questions will bring in a lot of money in the first few weeks. Then, interest drops, and they don’t bring in as much revenue. The best topic for these questions relates to pressing current events.

General Interest Questions

The other type of question might be called general interest questions. People will type these questions into Internet search engines regularly. When you ask these questions, you can generate passive income for the entire 12 months Quora pays you for your questions.

If you combine both types of questions, you can make money immediately with viral questions and passively month after month with general interest questions.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind, you aren’t likely to make a full-time or even a part-time living just asking questions on Quora. However, you can make a nice side stream income. When combined with other side incomes, you can earn enough from the Quora Partner Program to create a nice side hustle. Just understand that you must constantly be checking into the program, crafting relevant questions, and monitoring your stats to make this gig more lucrative.

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