Earn Some Cash With Easy Christmas Crafts to Make and Sell For Profit

easy Christmas Crafts to Make and Sell For Profit

It’s the thought that counts when it comes to giving away presents… but it sure helps if you can make a little side cash from those thoughts as well. So, in the interest of the thoughtful Christmas season and the equally as important goal of earning a little extra side cash, here are a few easy Christmas crafts you can make and sell for profit!


Who doesn’t love a good candle? I’m a little partial to the ones that come with jewelry inside them, but that’s just me! Candles are relatively easy and inexpensive to make requiring minimal materials (wax, wicks and whatever scents, colors and treasures you want to bury in them) and not a whole lot of skill.

Looking for an easy candle how-to guide? I personally like this one from Pro Flowers.

Lip Balm

Have a special lady in your life or a girlfriend you want to impress with your crafting prowess? Then try your hand at creating a cute lip balm. Much like creating candles, making lip balm doesn’t require a lot of fancy ingredients. You’ll need some beeswax, oils, and coloring. The exact ingredients depend on your chosen recipe, but all-in-all you won’t have to spend a lot up front, but you can definitely gift them to friends and family or sell them at a local craft market.

Want to enter the fancy world of homemade cosmetics? Soap Deli News has an easy tutorial on making your own strawberry lip balm.

Bath Bombs

Looking to treat someone this Christmas with a Christmas craft that screams relaxation and thoughtfulness? Then creating a bath bomb might be your ideal do it yourself gift. Bath bombs are great because they don’t require anything that you can’t find at your local grocery store, there’s no fancy material or tool you need just easy-to-find and inexpensive ingredients!

Ready to give someone the gift of relaxation this Christmas season? Try these peppermint bath bombs, or maybe you prefer a more tropical smelling coconut oil bath bomb.

Comic Book Magnets

Looking for Christmas crafts that are a little more unique to try out this year instead of the standard do-it-yourself gifts? Have a comic book fan in the family? Then comic book magnets might work best for your do-it-yourself Christmas gift. You’ll need a little mod podge and a few old comic books, but these little nick nacks are pretty inexpensive and very easy to make!

Ready to hold your weekly grocery list on your fridge with something a little more retro? Here’s a quick guide on how to make yourself comic book magnets.

Painted Glass Vases

Perhaps you’re feeling artsy this year and are looking for Christmas crafts that will let you practice your painting skills. If that’s the case painting some glass vases for your friends and family is your calling. You’ll need some glass bottles and some paint, but these really inexpensive projects go a long way to brightening up

I actually have a friend who saves funky shaped wine bottles and paints them with milk paint; they come out looking pretty awesome! Here’s a how-to guide for doing it yourself!

Selling Your Christmas Crafts

Once you’ve made your chosen Christmas crafts (or crafts, why not try all of them!) and gifted the ones you’ve planned to you might consider selling the extras for a little side cash. But how?

A local Christmas craft market might be a great place for you to start, pending you live somewhere where the house them. If not, there are a few online outlets you might want to set your sights on.

While Etsy is the most well-known online craft sale hub, places like Craftsy and Bonanza are free to use. Here are a few the top ones include:

Happy Christmas crafting!

Do you have Christmas craft ideas that you can also make a profit on? Share them with me in the comments below!

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