Entrepreneurialism | The Career Choice For Attention Deficit Disorder Sufferers

I was laying in bed the other night, suffering from a kaleidoscope of thoughts doing their best to keep me awake.  As a result, I found myself up a 2 am vigorously jotting down notes of financial ideas which could be used as potential blog-posts.  I had lots of entrepreneurial ideas stirring about my frontal lobe.  Because of this, I began to wonder, is this normal?  Am I strange?  It is just that, so many good ideas come to me when I am laying in bed with a clear head.  Because of this, I keep my iPhone on the ready.  That way, when I wake up with a shakespearean moment,  I can quickly email the thought to myself, before I fall back asleep.   Since I have been blogging I have been looking at ideas with a deeper perspective, and because of that, I find myself jotting down notes constantly.  It got me to thinking though, could I suffer from ADD (attention deficit disorder).  I have always had a difficulty maintaining focus, and subsequently struggled to keep my mind from wandering.  I haven’t ever been tested for the presence of ADD, but something is certainly going on here.  I don’t think it necessarily gets in the way of my daily living, because I live a normal life, take no medication, and still seem to be  productive.  Maybe I am just a dreamer, maybe this is the way I cope with life because I am trying to supress something, heck I don’t know.  I do know, that during one of my more recent scatter mind moments, I came to the resolution that maybe the best career choice for those who suffer from ADD, is entrepreneurialism.

Entrepreneurialism allows you to be a dreamer, to multi-task, and helps avoid boredom.  You can build multiple streams of income and not have to be beholden to one job, perfect for someone who has attention deficit disorder.  I don’t know if I suffer from it, maybe just a slight case of it.   I do know my mind constantly races with ideas of how to position our finances in a way, which will allow us to not ‘have’ to work.  They say that most men think about sex constantly, dang, I must be boring, I think about investing and finance.  Maybe cause I have been married for nearly 9 years?

Perhaps it’ just my passion, I have such a desire to help other people obtain a better relationship with money.  I see so many people who lack the common sense fundamentals regarding spending and investing, and I feel for them.  Often times parents don’t or cant do enough to teach young folks.  Schools, in my eyes, dont teach the necessary finance related classes.  So, how do we, as a society,  impart financial knowledge on those that need it most- our youth?  This is where PF bloggers provide such value.  Our community can change lives, we can help break the cycle of over-schooled but undereducated.  We can make a difference.  Personally,  I wanna help, I think I can add value to their financial state.  So, maybe I am slightly ADD, but if my attention deficit disorder can cause a positive change in someones life, that would be something I would be proud to live with.