19 Everyday Things Disciplined People Don’t Do

Personal and professional success heavily depends on discipline. This is one of the primary qualities seen in those who accomplish things, and a major part of this is because of the things they steer clear of. In this article, we’ll show you 19 things that disciplined people don’t indulge in.

Spending impulsively

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Resisting the temptation to spend on unnecessary items or having an impulsive spending streak is a stranger to those who are disciplined. Their ability to avoid spending money on things they don’t need and prioritize saving and investing in more lucrative things is key.

Aimless screen time

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As this article in HackSpirit states, disciplined people “don’t fight temptations – they eliminate” them. They don’t aimlessly scroll through their phones for hours or watch television, play games, etc. They place limitations and self-discipline on things that don’t hold value for improving their lives.

The habit of procrastination

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Procrastination involves delaying things until you’re ‘ready’ or ‘comfortable’—in other words, it’s something disciplined people don’t even have in their vocabulary. They understand that procrastinating will only lead to a backlog of work and increase stress levels. They prefer taking on tasks head-on and proactively.

Neglecting their physical health

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By engaging in various activities like sports and exercising, meditation, and yoga, they strive to remain physically fit to avoid any health complications, which to them is an unnecessary strain on life. They know that being physically fit means performing better in their work as well as in their personal lives.

Skipping breakfast

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Starting your day with a nutritious breakfast is something we’ve heard about as being an essential part of everyone’s lives. The BetterHealth Channel speaks of the many health benefits of having breakfast. Disciplined people know this and practice it. Their focus is on maximum effort and performance in all areas of their lives.

Having inconsistent sleep habits

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Another crucial thing disciplined people won’t indulge in is sleeping late or having inconsistent sleeping habits. They don’t go out during a school night, or if they do, they make sure they’re back home and in bed at a decent hour to get enough sleep.

Having a habit of multitasking

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To some, the idea of multitasking may be a good thing; however, to those who are disciplined, it’s not. This is mainly because they know that focusing 100% on one job and getting it done properly before moving on to the next one is a better idea for quality work.

Engaging in negative self-talk

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This is a big no-no for those who are disciplined. They don’t waste their effort on negative self-talk and instead hype themselves up, no matter the situation. Healthline says disciplined people are mindful of the things they tell themselves and often focus on positive thoughts to increase their self-esteem and motivation.

Not knowing their limits

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Overcommitting is something that comes easy to most people; this has a ten-fold effect in the long run, and often people find themselves stressed out because they’ve said ‘yes’ to more than they can handle. Disciplined people are quite the opposite; they understand and avoid overcommitting themselves to tasks and plans because they know it will lead to burnout.

Taking feedback to heart

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Encouraging feedback is a good trait that many people should embrace and something that comes easily to disciplined people. They don’t avoid feedback or criticism; they welcome it and make sure to do something about it. They see value in it, as opposed to getting offended.

Ignoring the importance of connections

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While being engrossed in their personal goals, disciplined people also distinguish the significance of nurturing relationships over ignoring them or not trying. They prioritize making time for their family and friends, and especially their loved ones, who understand the value of having a support system.

Opting for bad food choices

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You may never find junk food in a disciplined person’s fridge or kitchen cupboards. They don’t see the point in indulging in foods and drinks that aren’t good for their bodies. Instead, they invest in healthier alternatives for their well-being.

Neglecting to attend regular check-ups

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Disciplined individuals incorporate health checkups into their routine; they find the time to do this and don’t ignore them because they hold importance to them. They take proactive measures to maintain the health of their bodies and minds.

Indulging in gossip

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Gossip and drama are not things people should encourage, no matter the situation. Disciplined people know that gossiping isn’t something they find necessary, and instead, they focus on productive conversations. Author Renuka Gavrani says that gossip (even the unconscious kind) leads to misery.

Shying away from continuous learning

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Investing in continuous educational opportunities and increasing their knowledge is of utmost importance to disciplined people who know the value of actively seeking ways to better their understanding of different things. To stay ahead of competitive times, they make sure they find resources that can help them in their professional lives.

Not being open to change

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Stubbornness isn’t a trait that many disciplined people have; in fact, they’re possibly more open to change than anyone else. Changing themselves for the better, making improvements, and adapting to their changing environments and circumstances comes easily to them.

Wasting time making decisions

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Putting a great deal of thought into decisions when having to decide on something, but doing so quickly, comes easily to disciplined individuals. Disciplined people don’t waste their time and procrastinate in making decisions, both big and small. It makes no sense for disciplined people to delay making decisions.

Choosing short-term over long-term pleasures

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Choosing short-term pleasures over long-term goals is frowned upon by disciplined people. They refrain from instant gratification and focus more on how things are in the long term. Psychology Today’s article on instant gratification mentions how short-term pleasures act as quick-fix solutions. Disciplined people would rather focus on long-term goals instead.

Neglecting self-care

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Self-care is another important aspect because disciplined people recognize it will only bring them more benefits. This could mean anything from getting a massage and rejuvenating themselves to taking frequent short breaks in between work to take a quick walk or stretch themselves. If it’s good for their performance, they’ll do it.

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