Everyone Gets a Deal With Snagshout

When you are thinking of buying a product what do you do first? Do you look at the specifications that are listed? Maybe you look at the product description to see if it will do the job you need it to. If you are like most people you probably look at the reviews to see if there are people that really use this electric razor with a built-in atomic clock. You may have wondered of those reviews were real or just people that were paid to say that stuff. Most of the time it is that latter, but there are many websites that ask people for honest reviews.


Snagshout is one of those companies. The site works like this: you sign up, free of charge, then you are able to gain access to thousands of everyday items on Amazon. Once you find something that you are interested in you “snag” the deal. Then you receive a promo code for the product that you are to use at checkout on Amazon. In return, you then give a “shout,” or a review on the product. Essentially you are a guinea pig that tests out different products. What the site is trying to accomplish is giving potential customers a voice that is similar to theirs.

Photo by: Entreprenuer
Photo by: Entrepreneur

We have all seen those commercials or infomercials that feature some random product that seems too good to be true, and on top of that, there is a “real” user that just loves the product. Snagshout essentially eliminates that. It allows consumers to hear from real people that have used the product. They figure if someone that looks like you, that may be from the same place you are, is much more trustworthy than any actor.

So, what about the deals, are they really that good?

Well, it depends on what you are looking for; like we said the site has thousands of items. You could find a leather wallet that could only cost $20, or you could get your partner a bracelet for $3. It all depends on the promotional code from the merchant. Some items are free and other items have a discounted price that you would pay at checkout. It really all depends on what you are looking for and what the site has to offer. If you do not want to break the bank entirely there is a section that has many items under $5.

 These are some great deals, but how is Snagshout paid?

Snagshout is paid by all the merchants that use the site to promote their product. As described on the site that main thing that the site provides is exposure. Campaigns for items the merchant plan build a larger base for consumers. Snagshout offers five payment tiers ranging from basic to unlimited. The basic package starts you off with one campaign and costs $39 a month. The unlimited is the platinum level costing $399 a month, but you do get everything under the sun.

That means you, yes you are able to promote that line of conch shell jewelry you have been working on for years. Snagshout operates under SellerLabs, a small company with the goal of helping Amazon sellers launch their products. Since merchants are paying out of pocket for the codes and discounts on Snagshout you really need to make sure you review the product you are buying.


So, should you use Snagshout? Well, if you like great deals you should definitely check out the site. Some products are discounted almost 89%, and all you have to do is leave a short honest review about what you think. They are giving these things away so do not miss out.