Ex-Senior Trump Official Calls Trump a Traitor and “Clear and Present Danger”

An ex-senior Trump official went on record denouncing the Republican and his actions. The anonymous official called the former president a “traitor” and “a clear and present danger” to the U.S.

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ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl’s new book, Tired of Winning, revealed the former Trump ally’s criticism of the ex-president. According to Karl, the official served “at a very high level inside the West Wing, very close to Donald Trump” and has not spoken out publicly against him.

Morally bankrupt Trump

The scathing criticism of Trump included a critique of his character. The former official said of Trump: “He lacks any shred of human decency, humility or caring. He is morally bankrupt, breathtakingly dishonest, lethally incompetent, and stunningly ignorant of virtually anything related to governing, history, geography, human events or world affairs. He is a traitor and a malignancy in our nation and represents a clear and present danger to our democracy and the rule of law.”

Karl stated that the speaker’s quote “gets to a fundamental truth about Donald Trump, and that is the most piercing and searing criticism of him.” He went on to say that: “The people that are sounding the alarm loudest about what a second Trump term would mean are those who are closest to him.”

According to Karl, the anonymous official has chosen to withhold his identity from the public out of fear of Trump’s potential “retribution.” The ex-ally states that he is worried going public may endanger himself and his family. The former official is one of several figures close to Trump who have now spoken out against the politician.

Karl spoke of his intentions behind writing the book on The View. “I think Trump is a lot more volatile than people realize,” he shared. “One of the reasons I wrote this book is that there has been very little attention paid to what the guy is actually talking about now. It’s starting to change in the last week or two, but what he stands for and what a second Trump term would look like.”

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