Financial Benefits of a Social Media Cleanse

Financial Benefits of a Social Media Cleanse

As wonderful as social media can be, it also has a dark side. Social media can affect our mental health. We see everyone living their best lives and wonder why our lives are so routine and boring. We forget that the images on social media are curated and not always reality. Beyond the mental health effects, social media can also affect our finances. If you don’t think so, consider these financial benefits of a social media cleanse.

What Is a Social Media Cleanse?

A social media cleanse is when you step away from social media for some time. When you do so, you may notice several emotional and financial benefits.

Financial Benefits of a Social Media Cleanse

Social media is insidious. You don’t realize how much it can dominate your life until you remove it for a time. When you do that, you may notice these financial benefits:

Less Exposure to Advertising

You’ll receive less exposure to advertising. I’m referring to ads that influencers promote in their stories on Instagram. These are the ads that tend to make you most vulnerable to spending money. Why? Because you likely trust the influencers you follow. If they have a series of stories showing themselves using the product and mentioning all of the benefits of the product, you’re more likely to want to buy the product yourself.

Less Desire to Keep Up with the Jones

Financial Benefits of a Social Media Cleanse
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In the 1950s, Americans wanted to keep up with the Jones, their neighbors, friends, and co-workers who seemed to have the latest gadgets and vehicles. This desire has continued through the decades, and now, thanks to social media, is at its peak level.

Almost anyone on social media will feel envy when they watch stories in their social media feed showing exotic vacations, delicious restaurant meals, and stylish new clothes. This bombardment of images can make spending more than you have easy. After all, if your friends and acquaintances on social media are doing something, you may feel you should be able to, too.

When you turn off the social media spigot, you free yourself from these constant comparison games. Focusing on your own life and your own financial goals becomes easier.

More Time to Improve Yourself

How much time do you spend on social media? You may not think you spend a lot of time on various social media platforms because you only check in quickly during the day. However, if you’re checking in quickly 10 or 15 times a day across various platforms, you’re spending a lot of time on social media. And you’re not alone. According to Forbes, “Americans spent on average more than 1,300 hours on social media [in 2020].” That equates to 25 hours a week on social media or approximately 3.5 hours a day!

What could you do with an extra 25 hours a week? You could start a side hustle, take classes at your local college, or work overtime at your current job. Think of the extra money that you could make.

Final Thoughts

Social media has invaded our lives and changed our behavior. Social media can make us feel bad about ourselves and spend more than we should. However, it doesn’t have to be this way; you can regain control with a social media cleanse and enjoy the many financial benefits of a social media cleanse. After a cleanse, you may decide you no longer need social media, or you may slowly integrate it back into your life, but with more awareness, so you aren’t as susceptible to social media as you were before.

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