Food and cinema

Chicken salad sandwich recipe

Even at the cinema a chicken salad sandwich can be delicious. It can include all kinds of different ingredients and can be small or even large. It offers plenty of protein and will satisfy when you are hungry. It is not difficult to make and many places sell chicken salad sandwiches where they have ready-made sandwiches. So if you have leftover chicken the best thing you can do is make some chicken salad.


Bananas are a simple, versatile, and very delicious snack. They are a great source of potassium which helps to control blood pressure and stress. They are easy to eat just peel the skin and enjoy. They are not greasy or salty so when it comes to cinema food they are a much better choice than hot dogs. The beat thing when you are watching a movie is that a banana is a quiet food and it’s not messy to eat.

Lidl cookies

Lidl cookies are a very tasty treat they are full of chocolate chunks. You can get them four for a pound so that is plenty of goodness to enjoy. They are great to have on hand at the cinema where you can purchase a drink and then bite into a soft and moist cookie and quietly munch away while you are enjoying the action on the screen. These cookies are a much better choice than chips because chips are salty and loud and crunchy.


One of the best ways to enjoy an action film on the screen is to have a polystyrene container full of these deep-fried nuggets, Pakora is a snack that is popular and comes from Indian cuisine. These snacks are made in a variety of ways and among the most popular ingredients are onion and potato and then deep fried in a batter made from gram flour. They can be eaten anywhere and can include many other ingredients like spinach and a variety of spices.