18 Foods We’ve All Been Eating Wrong

If you consider yourself somewhat of an expert when it comes to food, you may be surprised to know that there are plenty of things out there that you’ve been eating the wrong way. This article will share 18 foods you’ve been eating wrong, meaning you’re missing out on the best flavors and techniques.

Reheated Pizza

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If you regularly find yourself with leftover pizza, you’re likely one of the many people who use the microwave to quickly warm it or even opt to eat it cold. Either way, you find that you can’t get it back to its original crispy state. Well, with a skillet, you can! This method avoids sogginess and means you can enjoy a crunchier leftover slice.


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How many hamburgers have you eaten in your life? Tens? Hundreds? According to YouGov, hamburgers are the United States’ most popular dish—but many don’t know the trick of eating them upside down. That’s right, by eating your burger the wrong way up, the thicker top bun absorbs the sauces, reducing messiness during consumption.​

Grilled Fish

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If you enjoy grilled fish, you’re about to fall even more in love. Before grilling, try placing lemon slices under the fish filet. Not only does this prevent sticking, but it also enhances flavor with a citrusy touch and makes cleanup easier! This is particularly ideal for softer fish varieties​.


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While technically not a food, wine is a much-loved beverage that is about to get even better for you. Instead of using ice cubes to keep your wine cool, use frozen grapes! These serve as edible wine coolers and don’t dilute the wine like ice does. You can also enjoy them as a boozy treat once thawed​.


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Spaghetti is a much-loved meal across the world, but sauce is typically only added to the top of it when serving. This often leads to uneven flavor and mouthfuls of dry pasta. So, why not try layering the sauce instead? You could also mix the sauce through the spaghetti before serving it for consistent flavor.​

Thai Food

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People typically think Thai food should be eaten with chopsticks, like in many other Asian countries. However, Thai people don’t often use these utensils. Why? According to Tasting Table, “King Rama IV or II was hosting the British consul for dinner and was so taken by the Western fork and spoon combination that the ruler made these two pieces of cutlery the norm in Thailand.”​


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You may be surprised to learn that cutting cakes with a knife is not the best method to do so—at least in terms of presentation. It’s suggested that using unflavored dental floss to slice through a cake gives you a perfect, clean slice. This is especially handy for slicing layered or gooey desserts​.


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When you peel a banana, you peel from the top, right? This is the case for most people, but perhaps not the most efficient. We suggest you start mimicking monkeys and open bananas from the bottom for an easier peel. It also helps you avoid those annoying stringy bits​!


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If you haven’t seen the viral video of this hack in the past few years, get ready to have your mind blown! Apparently, the best way to eat a cupcake is by turning it into a sandwich. You should split the cupcake in half and put the bottom half on top of the frosting. It balances the frosting-to-cake ratio in every bite​!


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As shared by Reader’s Digest, “There are reports of early adopters dipping their fries in ketchup from as early as the late 1800s.” This combination has remained popular since, so you’re likely familiar with using ketchup packets. You’ve been doing it all wrong, though. It’s now suggested that you open the packet and dip your fries directly in, rather than squeezing it out. This method is less messy!


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Do you dunk your Oreos in milk? The combination is addictive and incredibly popular, but it’s undeniable that you get your fingers milky and messy in the process. So, use a fork to dunk them instead. Simply stick a fork in the cream filling for a nice, clean dunk. All the fun and none of the mess!

Onions and Garlic

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Onions and garlic make up the base of many dishes—a delicious combination of flavors! But did you know that you should let them rest after chopping them rather than throwing them straight into your pan? Letting them sit for a few minutes post-chopping activates healthy compounds and boosts their cancer-fighting properties​.


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We know what you’re thinking: how could I possibly be eating toast wrong? Well, if you’re not eating it upside down, you are! Try it for yourself. By eating your toast upside down, you enhance the flavor of your toppings. Your taste buds will hit the spread first, making each bite more flavorful​.

Chinese Takeout

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Instead of eating your takeout straight from the box or getting plates messy that will later need to be washed, simply unfold the Chinese takeout boxes into plates. They come apart very easily! It’s a no-dish, easy-serving method that’s also kind of neat​.


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According to Gallup, nearly half of all Americans, 48% to be exact, drink soda every day. That’s a lot of cans. If you’re a soda drinker yourself, you might be surprised to learn that you’re doing it wrong! Use the tab as a straw holder by rotating it to pin your straw in place. This prevents the straw from rising up and moving around​.

Leftover Candy

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On the off chance that you’ve actually got some leftover candy, here’s what you need to do: add it to hot chocolate! This is a great way to use up leftovers, repurposing those extra sweets and adding a unique flavor to your hot drink at the same time.


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For a sandwich that delights with every bite, think strategically about layering. Perfect sandwich construction involves ensuring that every layer, from meats to cheeses, is evenly distributed. This guarantees that each mouthful is a delicious blend of all the flavors and textures your sandwich offers.


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If you like oranges, you’re probably familiar with how time-consuming, messy, and frustrating they can be to peel. So, if you have the time, try freezing them for about 15 minutes before peeling. This makes the peeling process far smoother and less pithy!

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