18 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Drinking Alcohol

Got a big night out coming up? If you know you’re going to be drinking, it’s best to prepare your body as much as possible to ensure your evening doesn’t end in disaster. The wrong foods can cause you to get drunk faster or leave you feeling uncomfortable. With that said, here are 18 foods you should avoid before drinking!

Salty Snacks

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Snacks like salted peanuts, pretzels, or potato chips can cause you to become dehydrated, which is something that alcohol also does. You don’t want to get an early start on the problem, do you? The fact that these snacks also increase your thirst may have you drinking more than you intend to. 


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Raw fish, such as that in sushi, may not interact too well with alcohol. You’re probably dunking it in soy sauce as well, which doesn’t help. This increases your sodium intake and dehydrates you (again, so does alcohol). The more dehydrated you are, the worse your hangover will be!

Spicy Foods

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Cosmopolitan says, “Those same spicy foods that upset your stomach when you’re sober will really mess with your system when you’re drunk.” It’s said that spice can irritate the stomach lining and lead to acid reflux. Combined with alcohol, it can potentially cause heartburn.

Dairy Products

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We all love a little dairy, so it may pain you to hear that it’s probably not the best thing to consume before an evening of drinking. It’s heavy on the stomach, can cause bloating and indigestion, and has the potential to exacerbate stomach pain.

Greasy or Heavy Meals

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We’re not suggesting you only eat a salad, as this certainly won’t help before alcohol, but it’s also best not to overindulge with a greasy or super heavy meal. It can delay the digestion process, which, although it helps the alcohol be absorbed more slowly, can lead to prolonged alcohol exposure.

Carbonated Beverages

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Have you ever felt slightly tipsier than expected after a vodka soda? It’s said that carbonated beverages like sodas speed up alcohol absorption, meaning you’ll feel drunk a lot quicker. They can also lead to bloating and make you feel uncomfortable, which isn’t what you want when you’re heading out.

Acidic Foods

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“Drinking alcohol is associated with acid rising up from your stomach into your throat (known as acid reflux),” as per Drink Aware. So, filling up on acidic food before you start drinking isn’t going to help. It can irritate the stomach and increase the risk of gastric distress.

Caffeinated Drinks

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It’s a good idea to skip caffeinated beverages, like coffee, tea, or energy drinks, before drinking alcohol to prevent dehydration, an increased heart rate, and disrupted sleep patterns. You’ll want to look back on your night out fondly rather than with regret!

Very Sweet Foods

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There’s nothing worse than spending hours getting ready, heading out, and then having a major sugar crash. Eating very sweet food before drinking can also make you feel sluggish and can even distort your energy levels. You’ll want to feel as much like yourself as possible for the best night.

Beans and Lentils

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You may also want to steer clear of beans and lentils before drinking alcohol because they can be harder to digest and may cause gas and bloating—both of which can make you feel uncomfortable. This can lead to you feeling uneasy when drinking. 

French Fries

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French fries are absolutely delicious, but you may want to wait until a day that you’re not planning on drinking before you dig in. Fries are high in grease and salt and can worsen hangover symptoms, as well as slow your digestion.


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Unfortunately, chocolate’s caffeine and sugar content can cause gastrointestinal discomfort, exacerbate your hunger, and lead to potential energy fluctuations, all of which could potentially ruin your mood for the night. We suggest waiting until you get home to enjoy your dessert!


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According to The Economic Times, “The use of [a] leavening agent in the dough doesn’t go well with alcohol in the stomach and might result in stomach pain.” Pizza is also high in fats and carbs, which may slow down your metabolism and can lead to discomfort if consumed with alcohol.


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If you’re planning on drinking beer, you may want to avoid eating bread beforehand—so skip the sandwiches, burgers, and hot dogs! Both bread and beer contain yeast, which can lead to potential bloating, overburden the liver, and affect digestion.

Ice Cream

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Alcohol and ice cream “taken together in the stomach might result in infection, stomach pain, and even constipation,” says Health Shots. It can also lead to rapid changes in blood sugar levels and can be particularly problematic for those with lactose intolerance.

Cruciferous Vegetables

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Some vegetables, including broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower, can cause you to have gas and bloating. Neither of these things sound very appealing to someone about to head out on the town. If consumed before drinking, you may end up uncomfortable.

Processed Meats

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Processed meats are high in sodium and preservatives, which can increase the dehydration caused by alcohol. These meats can also increase your blood pressure and lead to a feeling of sluggishness, impacting how your body handles alcohol. If you want to feel light and bright, skip this food!

Nothing at All 

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Healthline states, “Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach can worsen the side effects of alcohol consumption and bring them on faster than usual.” The alcohol will also be harsh on the stomach lining and can cause worse hangovers. So, above all, it’s important not to skip eating before you begin drinking.

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