Free Google Personal Finance Templates to Help Save Money

We are closing in on the midway mark of 2017, if you have not started your financial resolutions it is not too late. We know dealing with your finances can be a dry task, especially if you do not have the right tools. If you are a regular Google Docs user these templates will help you keep up with your finances. We found a few that are easy to use and keep all your data organized.

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Before you dive into your personal finance template you want to make sure you have a record of all your income and expenses. Most of us are good with remembering the big things like salary and rent, but for those small transactions, your bank should be able to provide you with the figures you need.

Small transactions are a silent killer.

If you were to ask yourself why most budgets and plans fail, one of the main reasons would probably be because of small transactions. Most of us do not pay attention to the $3.45 charge from the gas station on payday, and after a few trips here and there your balance has dropped. Luckily there are a few Google personal finance templates that are able to help you corral all of your small transactions.

For example, this template by 20 Something Finance, has a thorough list that includes everything. It has cells for entertainment, water & sewer, miscellaneous media and much more. The small things like the bouquet of flowers you sent your partner earlier in the month or the dinner you had with your friend from college, all of them have a place on your Google personal finance template.

To use this template specifically you want to make a copy of the original and save it to your Google Drive. After you save the template you will be able to fill in the cells that apply to your personal finances.

What about that credit card situation?

financial statement with calculator and pen

A study on 2016 debt, conducted by NerdWallet, found that on average U.S. households have roughly $135,000 worth of debt. From that figure, about $17,000 comes from credit cards. If you fall in the hole with your credit debt you will be able to pull yourself out of it, but if you have the tools to circumvent the hole completely, why not use them?

Lucky for you there are Google personal finance templates for that, as well. Most of the stuff you will find are credit repayment calculators, like this one. If you have multiple credit cards there is a template that is able to handle all of them for you. So, if you are getting swamped by your five credit cards you have a template that can keep everything in order.

Alas, everything cannot be free…for the most part.

If you had the time – and quite frankly the patience – to scour the internet for free Google personal finance templates, you could find all the templates you need. However, we know that your time is valuable, so we also found a website that offers a wide selection of Google templates that you are able to use for free. But, it is only for a monthly trial, after you are able to purchase the service by choosing one of the monthly plans. They are relatively low, but it is slightly ironic to spend money trying to save money.