Frequently Asked Questions About Water Damage Claims from a Miami Public Adjuster

These are some of the typical questions that we see here at Churchill Public Adjuster Miami Firm. We wanted to share the answers to some of these questions and if you have any additional questions that were not addressed in this short FAQ, then do not hesitate in contacting one of our professional public adjusters; they are waiting for your call!

Question: Can you help get my claim paid even though my claim was denied for “failure to maintain property”, but I don’t believe that that determination is accurate?

Answer: The answer to this question is not definite. There is a possibility that your claim could get paid even though it was denied if a public adjuster researches and finds that the damages were not done as a result of failure to maintain. That excuse is one that is often used by insurance companies to deny claims.

Question: If my basement gets flooded, will my insurance cover those damages?

Answer: A standard homeowner or business insurance policy would cover those damages if it resulted from a burst pipe or sewage blockage, but if it was caused by a storm or other related event, then it would not be covered. A separate policy needs to be purchased for those occurrences.

Question: What are the disparities amongst storm, flood, and water claims?

Answer: If the cause is sudden and accidental, then water damage is covered under standard policies, which does not include acts caused by mother nature like a tornado. Those three claims are different.

Question: If I file a water claim for damages, will my insurance company increase my premium?

Answer: There is a great possibility because water damages are often preventable like a broken pipe, or leaks from a water heater. They can decide to apply a renewal surcharge or increase their rates.

Question: Because of a neglected roof, I suffered both water and roof damage, can my claim be covered?

Answer: Usually, “wear and tear” exclusions are applicable by insurance companies. This means that you will have a water damage claim, but not a roof damage claim because your roof was expected to wear off by your insurance company which is why they exclude wear and tear.