96 Awesome Ways to Generate Extra Cashflow

Who doesn’t want more money nowadays? We’ve got you covered on that front. Here comes a long list of different ideas on how to generate extra cashflow.

Generate extra cashflow when you try out these tactics.Although none of them are a substitute for getting a higher-paying full-time job, the suggestions include both new revenue streams and things you might stop paying for.

They’re all grouped into categories for ease of navigation — which should prove especially helpful if you’d like to try multiple tactics at the same time to maximize the cashflow you free up.

23 Ways to Generate Extra Cashflow by Selling Stuff

  1. Sell your old gold.
  2. Collect aluminum and other metals and sell them to a metal recycler. This becomes a lot easier if you  have a metal detector. You can also collect cans from your employer if it doesn’t already have a recycler.
  3. Have a yard sale or open a booth at the flea market.
  4. Sell your junk on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon or any of the other good used marketplace websites.
  5. Pawn something — anything — but only if you are given the right price for it.
  6. Make crafts and sell them on Esty or at local craft shows.
  7. Sell plasma.
  8. Sell your hair to a wig maker.
  9. Sell your eggs to a fertility specialist.
  10. Donate sperm at a sperm bank.
  11. Return cans and bottles for the deposit if it’s available where you live.
  12. Collect ink cartridges from friends and coworkers (and your office if they don’t recycle) and give them to places like Office Depot or Staples for cash back.
  13. Sell your stuff to a consignment shop.
  14. Sell your unused china to Replacements Ltd.
  15. If you have a lot of land, open some up for RV or boat storage at cheap rates.
  16. Use programs like CVS Extra Care and coupons to get toiletry and cleaning items for free. Sell them at your next yard sale.
  17. Collect old cell phones from friends. family and coworkers and sell them to recyclers such as Greephone.com.
  18. Sell your car and make do without one.
  19. Sell any tickets you’re holding and not using — like if you have a season pass to something and don’t attend every single performance or game.
  20. Sell any gift cards that you can’t or won’t use on eBay, or swap them for ones you will use.
  21. Make music, art, computer themes, canned websites or clipart and sell them online.
  22. Enter contests that give out physical prizes and sell any prizes you win.

41 Side Hustle Ideas

  1. Take on a part-time job.
  2. Here’s a variation on the above: Whatever you do for a full-time job, pursue additional leads so that you can do more of it on the side, freelance.
  3. Start temping — sign up with an agency that pays well.
  4. Register with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and get paid for tasks that interest you.
  5. Walk dogs or petsit — check out websites like Wag for opportunities.
  6. Babysit
  7. Participate in online surveys and rewards programs.
  8. Rake leaves, shovel snow, cut grass, or clean gutters for your neighbors.
  9. Rent out a room in your home, either short-term or on an ongoing basis.
  10. Wash cars.
  11. Wash pets.
  12. Teach something that you are good at to others, either through a community school or private lessons.
  13. Sew or make alterations for others.
  14. Help the elderly. Offer to do the shopping and take them to appointments, for a small fee.
  15. Offer handyman services.
  16. Become a medical guinea pig or sign up for clinical trials of drugs.
  17. Start growing fruits and vegetables from the seeds in organic produce you consume; start selling (or even bartering) at farmers’ markets .
  18. Sell food to workers at a construction site.
  19. Tutor children or adults on topics in which you have expertise.
  20. Use equipment you already own to make money — for instance, a steam cleaner
  21. Help people move.
  22. Work as a driver for schools in districts that hire private drivers.
  23. Turn a hobby into profit — examples might include photography or baking.
  24. Change people’s oil for them.
  25. Use your van or truck to haul heavy things for people.
  26. Take any overtime your regular job offers.
  27. Clean houses
  28. Become a human billboard — or make your car into one.
  29. Become a mystery shopper.
  30. Deliver newspapers.
  31. Rent out parking spaces. This works especially well if you live somewhere that is notorious for not having enough places to park.
  32. Wash windshields at a busy intersection.
  33. Become a tester of apps, appliances and even cars for cash — yes, some car dealerships will pay you with cash or gift cards to come test drive a new vehicle.
  34. Perform in public and collect donations in a hat.
  35. Be a plant or garden sitter. You water and tend to the plants while the owners are away.
  36. Become a paid guide at a search website like ChaCha.com.
  37. Get paid to submit video reviews of products at sites like ExpoTV.
  38. Become a focus group participant. Look on Craigslist or in the want ads for postings in your area. Research companies are often listed in the Yellow Pages, as well.
  39. Add affiliate links to your website or blog and get paid when people buy products through your links.
  40. If you are popular on a message board, ask about a moderator gig. Some are paid a tiny bit each month.Generate extra cashflow following these ideas.

33 Ways to Find More Cash

  1. Clean every surface in your home with a view toward collecting all change and bills you find lying around. Don’t forget to look between seat cushions, in the back of drawers, on the floors of every closet, and even in ashtrays.
  2. Go through drive-through lanes and parking lots after hours and pick up the spare change you find.
  3. Collect coupons and promotional discount codes wherever you can find them — clip them from print publications, subscribe to websites, apps and email lists, and even look for them in abandoned shopping carts at the supermarket.
  4. Make all your payments on cash-back credit card; redeem all awards as soon as you’re eligible, while also remembering to pay the bills on time (if not early) in order to avoid having to pay interest.
  5. Return anything you bought but haven’t been using in order to get a refund.
  6. If you have old electronics that won’t sell, try trading them in. There are several stores and websites that offer trade-ins or take-backs for cash or gift cards.
  7. Drop service subscriptions you don’t need like an extra mobile number, cable, lawn service, or concierge.
  8. Conserve energy and water aggressively and lower those bills to free up extra cash.
  9. Cash out any loyalty points you have — whether they’re from credit card reward programs, retail loyalty programs, gas rewards, or incentives sites; use the resulting cash or gift cards to cover household expenses.
  10. Raid trash cans for Coke Rewards caps and rack up gift cards. This one is especially good at events like concerts and road races, where Coke/Dasani/Powerade is a sponsor. Few people keep the caps for the codes.
  11. Use your skills to enter and win contests that pay cash (bake-offs, craft contests, state fairs, etc.)
  12. Quit smoking or drinking.
  13. Use coupons and add what you save to your cash stash.
  14. Refinance your mortgage — but don’t cash out any equity.
  15. Drop unnecessary insurance coverage.
  16. Drop any redundant services or subscriptions you might have.
  17. Check your state’s unclaimed property office to see if any old money is owed to you.
  18. Cash in any savings bonds you have.
  19. Try to negotiate a lower interest rate on any credit card debt you have to lower the monthly payment.
  20. Don’t renew magazines, gym memberships,  or any other subscription or membership when it comes due.
  21. Use your own bank’s ATM network. Don’t pay transaction fees at another bank’s machine.
  22. Look into bundling the services you need to keep — it might lower the monthly bill.
  23. Call all your service providers and ask if you can get a discount because you’re a good customer, always paid on time, or if you’re a member of a certain union or organization. Negotiate a discount if you can.
  24. Brown bag your lunch instead of eating out.
  25. Actually complete and send in those rebate forms you’ve been meaning to do.
  26. Open a bank account that will pay you a cash bonus for opening the account.
  27. Send in your health savings account claims in real time, as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the end of the year.
  28. Check your health insurance plan for any rebates you’re entitled to. Some reimburse wellness materials like gym memberships or weight loss programs. If you’re paying out of pocket, check and see if you can get the money back.
  29. Use a site like Ebates or another rewards program to get cash back on online shopping. Pocket the difference.
  30. Get free samples from sites like StartSampling.com, WalMart.com or many others. It’s not outright cash, but every sample you get and can use or sell reduces the amount of money you have to spend for products.
  31. Ask for a raise at your regular job.
  32. Get back anything you’re entitled to. If you replace your car battery yourself, be sure to take the old one back and get the core charge refunded. Get price adjustments on items that go on sale within the store’s specified time frame. Get your security and utility deposits back when you move. Don’t leave any money on the table.
  33. Stop spending on stuff you don’t need. Seriously, this is the best way to free up cash.
  34. Use a site like Join Piggy or another rewards program to get cash back on online shopping.

Just Don’t Cash Out Savings or Borrow

You might have noticed that these suggestions don’t require you to cash out any savings nor take on debt — both of which actually end up costing you more money in the long run.

Readers, what have you done to try to generate extra cashflow? Which tactics have proven most lucrative for you?

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