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You wonder but what is bitcoin? Here is the some important information. It is a decentralized virtual currency. Nobody controls it. You can buy bitcoins like you buy currencies, you can cash bitcoins or pay for services with bitcoins. More and more traders accept this currency. It can be scary but its origin is simple, the source code is open, the software to use it is free and the transactions are encrypted and public. It is both a means of payment and a means of storing money.  

Bitcoin is a reference, although there is currently a wide range of known cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum ,Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash 

Buy cryptocurrency  

Get more information  about bitcoin is the best way to make money from these digital currencies. The platform makes it possible to buy digital currencies, as well as to sell and store them. You just need to create an account and choose the cryptocurrency in which you want to invest your capital to integrate the blockchain. Note that blockchain technology consists of a multitude of applications.

Create an account 

It allows you to acquire part of a property, depending on the capital to be invested. Civic also gives you access to tools to control and protect your identity. Concretely, it is a secure identification application constituting a multi-factor authentication solution.

The price of bitcoin has exploded and we do not know how far it will go. The mass of bitcoin is, today, limited to 21 million which should (in theory) limit its value when everything has been distributed. The value is therefore neither determined nor frozen.

Establish a short or long term strategy

As the blockchain constitutes a dynamic market, the price of dematerialized currencies evolves within the framework of trading. For now, the EOS is at the center of all attention, showing itself to be very promising with its multiple functionalities. The EOS cryptocurrency is also the subject of significant speculation. Ripple is also a track to explore if you are thinking of getting started in 2018.

Nevertheless, it is always interesting to bet on diversification. Ideally, place “small percentages” of capital in different digital currencies. The gains thus generated are very significant. However, keeping your cryptocurrencies for the long term is also a good investment strategy.

Determine the risks of your investment

Although cryptocurrencies are positioned as one of the pillars of enrichment, it should be remembered that this is a risky investment. Certain digital currencies certainly generate a return of almost 38%. However, it is recommended to determine the real risk to which you are exposed based on the capital invested.

The advantage of this approach is therefore to manage the risks to which your capital will be exposed as well as possible.  However, take care to cross-check the various information you have to avoid false speculation.

Why does it exist?

This exists in response to “traditional” currencies which are now 98% virtual, the rest being the 4 banknotes in circulation. The criticism of traditional currencies is simple:

  • controlled by a central bank
  • constantly devalued or manipulated
  • all movements are tracked by states

What is the interest for me?

  • You can receive and send money free of charge anywhere in the world.
  • No one can control, prevent or limit your transactions.

Bitcoin is “relatively” independent of traditional currencies and therefore, in theory, protects its heritage in the event of the fall of the euro or the dollar.

This allows as much to buy illegal weapons (this is not an incentive eh) without anyone knowing that to free them from the conventional banking network. It’s just a tool, what you do with it is up to you. 

Transferring traditional currencies, especially at high levels, can often be a very time-consuming, complicated and, above all, costly undertaking. By contrast, cryptocurrencies are best known for being able to be transferred at high speed and at low cost.

In summary, it can be said that cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy as a method of financing, but due to their decentralized, easy to understand and versatile properties, they ensure an increasingly wide audience worldwide and become more and more attractive.

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