How to Get the Life Insurance You Want Through Health IQ

Are you looking for personalized life insurance that offers your family the exact protections you want? You can find a way to select specific aspects of your coverage beyond the options that your policy offers. Insurance riders are additional provisions you can purchase to tailor your policy to offer you the peace of mind you seek. For example, you can add nursing home coverage with a long-term care rider, specify a term conversion option, or opt for an accelerated death benefit, which will pay out a portion of your policy’s death benefit to you if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

The correct riders can enhance your insurance in powerful ways, but many people may not know much about the riders available. Slightly more than half (55 percent) of people who took a Health IQ survey understood that a rider can protect them against changes in their health situation. You can test your understanding of life insurance riders compared to the general population by taking a short quiz from Health IQ.

Health IQ is a life insurance agency that offers special rates for people who are health-conscious individuals in a manner similar to the way that many auto insurance companies offer special rates to good drivers. Health IQ has developed some distinctive underwriting practices that help them identify people who are truly committed to a healthy lifestyle and reward them with insurance savings. Visit the Health IQ website and explore the in-depth FAQ section to learn more about these rates and become better informed about life insurance.