Get Paid to Lose Weight

It’s 2015! And yeah, you’ve probably put on some weight over the holidays. Americans consume an average of 6,000 calories on Christmas day and the Brits eat a whopping 7,000 calories! This means we’re eating about triple the calories in one day than we should be eating! Insane!

According to this article by the Mayo Clinic, roughly 3500 extra calories will grant you one extra pound of fat on your body. It’s safe to say that most people will gain at least 1 pound of fat on Christmas day. Well… one pound doesn’t seem crazy. Although if you ate an extra 3500 calories each day you would weigh an additional 365 pounds by this time next year… Let’s not think about that.

So it’s safe to say we could all lose at least 1 pound. Use this calculator to show 120 ways to lose that pound. Be warned — it’s not easy demolishing that entire apple pie.


How Losing Weight Affects Your Bank Account

How you look affects how you are paid. This is true because of the many assumptions people have when they see someone who is overweight:

1) They may be lazy/lacking in willpower.

2) They will cost our company more in healthcare costs (which is VERY true).

3) They may not bring in as many sales because people would rather work with attractive people.


With these obstacles in front of you, you may consider losing weight. It’s scientifically proven that losing weight increases your wealth.


How to Get Paid to Lose Weight

Believe it or not you can get paid to lose… weight. And there are many ways:

1. FKA Gympact

You make a pact with a group of people about how much you will all work out. If you skip working out one time, you have to pay everyone else a small amount of money. If they miss a session, you get paid.

2. Healthy Wage

People are more encouraged to lose weight if they are pressured by friends and the potential to lose money. This site capitalizes on that. Instead of focusing on workout sessions like FKA Gympact does, this site focuses on amount of weight lost. The 10% Challenge, for instance, allows participants to “double-down” on their weight loss. Participants put $150 on the line, and get $300 if they lose 10% of their weight over six months. If you’re looking to make good money while losing weight, grab your friends and join this site!

3. Diet Bet

They have two programs, the ‘kickstarter’ program and the ‘transformer’ program. In the kickstarter program, you set a goal to lose 4% in 4 weeks. The ‘transformer’ program is if you’re really serious about losing weight. To get paid, you must lose 10% in 6 months. To begin, everyone puts money into a pot. Those who meet their weight loss goals, split the money. Those who fail, lose their money.

4. Fat Bet

If you need humiliation in order to lose weight, Fat Bet is your best bet. You can make a pact with someone saying that if you don’t lose a certain amount of weight by a certain date, this is what will be your punishment. This idea is similar to the story that was in the news a few years ago. A woman gave her friends a picture of herself in a bikini. She was obese so the picture was quite embarrassing. She told her friends that if she didn’t lose the weight by a certain date, she would pay them to buy a billboard to showcase her obese photo. She lost the weight, by the way.

Another example from the site came from two men named Rob and Adam. They created a bet stating that whoever lost the most weight over the holidays would win wine and a dinner out hosted by the loser of the bet. Anywhere winner liked.

5. Stickk

If you don’t meet your goal, your credit/debit card will be charged ‘x’ amount as punishment. This one is brutal but there are many excellent reviews.



If you’re like me, money has always been a big motivator in life. It has a kind of energy that’s rare for me to find in other areas of life such as health. Linking wealth to your other goals is a fantastic way to give them a priority in your life.

How will you lose weight in 2015?