GOP Official Threatens to Ban Biden From Ballot, Fumbles for Words When Asked for a Valid Reason

In light of the recent debate over whether Trump should be banned from state ballots, Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft fired back with a threat to impose the same ban on Biden. However, when questioned on the grounds for the ban, Ashcroft appeared to be lost for words.

The heated discussion begins

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During a recent CNN interview with host Boris Sanchez, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft attempted to argue a case for banning Biden from the ballot. The threat was made in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s announcement that it would be ruling on whether or not to ban Trump from state ballots.

Trump’s ballot bans

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The ex-president has already been banned from ballots in Colorado and Maine, sparking outrage among many Trump supporters. Republican attorney Jay Ashcroft is among those advocating to keep the former president on the ballot.

A slippery slope

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During the interview, Ashcroft warned that if the decision to ban Trump from the ballots was not overturned, he would fight to have Biden banned as well. “If the Supreme Court allows it, that slippery slope is going to happen to everybody,” he said. “They need to stop it from happening to everybody.”

Allegations of insurrection

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However, when Sanchez pushed him for a valid reason for removing Biden from the ballots, Ashcroft seemed to have difficulty answering. “There have been allegations that he has engaged in insurrection,” he began before Sanchez swiftly cut him off by asking, “How so?”

Unsubstantiated claims

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“You cannot say something and not back it up,” Sanchez declared. “What do you mean?” Ashcroft, frustrated by the anchor’s aggressive line of questioning, responded, “I am continuing, but you interrupted me before I could back it up.”

Ashcroft avoids the question

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“Are you scared of the truth?” Ashcroft scoffed before continuing to attempt an answer. “President Trump has never been adjudicated in a court of law.” Sanchez, seemingly unimpressed by the attorney’s failure to provide a straight answer, replied, “Sure. What did Joe Biden do in your mind that equates to insurrection? What allegations are you talking about?”

Ashcroft accuses Biden

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“I have seen allegations from the lieutenant governor of Texas that have said that Joe Biden has been part of an insurrection for rebellion,” Ashcroft finally declared. “We’ve seen the president—that’s right. The governor of Florida said the same thing.”

Sanchez piles on the pressure

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The CNN host continued to push Ashcroft. “Insurrection over what? What does the governor of Texas say that Joe Biden was causing an insurrection over?” he asked. “If you’re going to make the claim, give me some specifics.”

A two-way street

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“What I am telling you is this. They made allegations,” the Republican responded. “And all it took for former President Trump to be taken off the ballot in Colorado and in Maine were allegations. We should not be a country that removes people from the ballot based on allegations. I think you can agree with that.”

An abrupt ending

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The heated back-and-forth continued, with both parties struggling to talk over one another. After an argument over constitutional laws in Maine and Colorado, Sanchez finally put an end to the discussion. “I think you should probably read it, sir, before you make claims about the Maine secretary of state and their process,” he declared, before wrapping up the interview.

Ashcroft clip goes viral

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A clip from the fiery interview went viral after journalist Aaron Rupar posted it on X with the caption, “This CNN interview was an absolute disaster for Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft.” The post garnered over 3.5 million views and sparked intense debate in the replies, which reached over 1,700.


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