Hack Tricks to Save You Money on Textbooks

It is saddening that the cost of textbooks has increased by more than 800 times in the last three decades. Moreover, textbooks have now overtaken tuitions costs in many colleges. Therefore, our experts at thesispanda.com would like to show you how you can save money on these essential tools. As the post progresses, we shall share out some practical and proven tricks to help you reduce textbooks expenses. Follow us up to the end to discover how.


Just as the law of buying all other items demand, never buy a textbook before searching for it. The reason is that you could waste your money on one retailer while a single search would have saved you up to 25 percent of the cost. Therefore, do your window shopping well before buying.


The second hack trick to save you cash is renting books. The only challenge with this trick is that it saves you the cost upfront but after you are done with the books, you cannot recover the cost the way you would have done had you bought them.

Go Digital

Going digital is another way of saving yourself money on textbooks. You can take advantage of this technology and buy ebooks at a cheaper price than hard copies. The better side of the option is that you cannot lose it the way you could lose a physical book. Also, you can sell your book after clearing your studies and recover your money. Additionally, the digital platform offers renting option, which is cheaper than the cost of renting a physical book.


Sharing is caring, so they say. You can take advantage of this reality and save yourself unnecessary textbook costs. For instance, if you have a good friend in the same class, you can decide to buy half he books and he or she buys the other half. Under this arrangement, you can share the books between yourselves. For instance, you could decide to buy an accounting textbook while he buys a marketing book.

Optimize the School Library

Do you still want to save more cash? If you do, then your school library can save you that expense. This option works well if you have the time to visit your school library to use the books in question. It works even better when your college allows you to check out with books.

Old is Gold

Well, you can utilize the old is gold adage and save money on your textbooks. By buying used books, you can save up to 50 percent of the cash you would have spent on new ones.

Review Your Syllabus

Lastly, you can save yourself the cost of books by reviewing your syllabus before buying the books. This way, you will know what is necessary to buy and what isn’t before committing your money since some of the books on the list are not essential.
With these hack tricks, we believe you can make the most of your limited cash by saving yourself avoidable textbook costs.