Have you hit the gym already?

The whole hullabaloo around fitness seems unnecessary at some point. The innumerable times we stress ourselves over missing a day at the gym or eating that extra cookie and then pacifying ourselves through crash diets and longer exercise regime; it’s just pushing the fitness bar to a pedestal.

And then we would randomly wonder, questioning the utility of this lifestyle. So without running around the bush any longer, let us revisit the basics of why do we need to make the extra and painful effort to remain healthy.

Firstly, to avoid lethargy. There are many days when we drag a heavy head out of bed and go about work feeling dreary and lazy. No amount of good food and healthy challenges at work can get us enthused. Moments of such extreme lethargy can get more frequent if we tend to continue with a sloppy lifestyle. But the change only 30 minutes of early morning exercise can get is insurmountable.

So why not invest those 30minutes and feel energetic for the rest of the day.

For those of us who really romanticise life, regular exercise is the only route to a long and healthy life. After closing say some 50 odd years in life, the human body starts giving up on several areas. To play with and spend time with your grandkids becomes a far-fetched thought. There are those remorse and heavy days when your body just won’t behave. And even if you wouldn’t want to live a hundred years, all of us surely want a healthy albeit short life. Either ways, regular exercising is the only way out. After all the point of life is to live and thrive not only survive.

A healthy self also gives you a sense of confidence and empowerment. When the body reflexes work perfectly, you exude energy and confidence pretty naturally. It doesn’t need to be forced out of you. Thus we can safely say that mental health also exists in direct proportion with physical health.

But given the round the clock work schedules, is it even possible to maintain a regular workout habit or is just another ‘Easier said than done’ scenario.

Although there is nothing wrong with admitting the conundrum the situation presents, there are simple solutions to it like brisk walking or jogging the park. Given the state of metropolises, there is enough likelihood that a free and open space like a park might not be around you. In such a case, get a trend mill home or set up a mini gym space with minimum cardio. Having these at home are a good encouragement to drag ourselves to the gym than if we would have to step outside the house.

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So are we hitting the gym tomorrow?