Heads Up, Parents: 17 Things Your Kids Don’t Want to Inherit

You might be writing your will and debating what things to leave to which children. It can be difficult to pick who gets what if it’s an item that can’t be shared. However, here are 17 things your kids don’t want to inherit.

Old Newspapers and Magazines

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Older generations have a habit of keeping old newspapers or magazines for sentimental reasons. They’re nice to look back on, but the younger generation doesn’t feel the same way. Inheriting newspaper articles will just take up their space, so it’s better to recycle them instead.

Outdated Technology

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According to Yahoo! Finance, if your children inherit outdated technology, they will most likely see it as clutter. Younger generations upgrade their technology all the time and often have no use for technology that’s only a few years old. You’re better off selling the items to make some money.

Heavy Antique Furniture

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Heavy antique furniture is most likely not attractive to your children. Younger generations prefer simplistic furniture that gives them more living space. Their furniture tends to be lighter than the dark wood of antiques. Due to its weight and size, it would be a struggle for them to move it from your property to theirs.

Fine China Sets

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Fine china sets were once a popular thing purchased by many. However, times have changed, and now people opt for more casual dining to match their less formal homes. It would also be difficult for your children to store these fragile items in their house.

Old Coins and Stamp Collections

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Coin and stamp collections were popular collectibles for years. However, the younger generations haven’t taken to the hobby and prefer to make other kinds of investments. Unfortunately, your coin or stamp collections are unlikely to be appreciated, so you’re better off looking to sell them and receive some money.

Books with Deteriorating Conditions

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Hale Law reports “Unless your grown children are professors, they probably don’t want your books. However, if you believe your books have value, contact a book antiquarian.” It’s better your books go to a good home where they will be of use to someone.

Old Jewelry

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If you’re thinking of leaving your old jewelry behind for your children to inherit, it’s best to check with them first to see if they will actually want it. Jewelry is constantly evolving, and modern jewelry from today differs drastically from older pieces as it has to fit current fashions.

Musical Instruments

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Musical instruments are sometimes not as appreciated by the younger generations. They now have access to digital learning on apps, which can be cheaper than owning an instrument. If you have large instruments, they may be difficult for your children to store, and they may struggle with the general maintenance of them.

Extensive DVD Collections

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When DVDs hit the market, it was the perfect way to watch your favorite movies from home. Since streaming services came along, where you can have all your favorite movies in one place, many people no longer have a use for DVDs. You’ll probably find that your children no longer have a DVD player.

Old Paintings and Artwork

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Paintings and artwork are only appreciated and valued by specific people. Unfortunately, your children probably aren’t the right people to admire their beauty. Older artwork often doesn’t fit with modern decorative trends in houses today. Your best option is to get your artwork appraised and sell it to a customer who will admire it.

Seasonal Decorations

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According to Finance Buzz, “beloved holiday items, like menorahs or Grandma’s nativity set, can cause endless bickering and ill will.” To prevent jealousy or envy among your children, you might be best leaving any seasonal decorations out of your will, as they’re an item that can’t be shared.

Craft Supplies 

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Craft hobbies have not been admired as much by the younger generation compared to older generations. Many of their hobbies involve something digital, and crafts aren’t of interest. Your children will most likely see it as unneeded clutter, so you’re better off donating it.

Old Sporting Equipment

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Old sporting equipment is an unlikely item, and your children will be hoping you’ve not left it in your will. With technology playing a heavy part in sports now, equipment is constantly changing, and older sporting gear doesn’t have much use in the modern day.


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As mentioned in Making Midlife Matter, “Unfortunately, style is a very personal thing, and chances are, your kids won’t keep any of your clothes.” There’s a reason they don’t ask to borrow your clothes now, and that’s because fashion is different for all ages. You could always ask your children to donate them. 


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You’ll probably find it unlikely that any of your children will want to inherit your kitchenware. The trend today is to have modern kitchenware that’s the same color. It’s likely your kitchenware isn’t completely modern or matching in color, so your children won’t want mismatched items.

Collectible Figurines

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Collectible items in general haven’t been as popular among younger generations compared to older generations. The likelihood is that your children don’t share the same enthusiasm for your figurines as you do. An accumulation of figurines will clutter your children’s houses and won’t be appreciated.

Old Perfume and Cologne

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Younger people tend to opt for different perfumes and colognes than older people. Because of this, they’re unlikely to want to smell the same as you. Fragrances can also fade over time in their bottles, meaning they could inherit a perfume or cologne that no longer smells nice.

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