Health Insurance Basics

Health insurance is a form of protection of people’s health. In case of injury, it guarantees citizens receiving medical care. It is not easy to choose a voluntary health insurance policy since there are many companies. At first sight, all of them offer approximately the same set of services. But the main thing is to find out different details and to choose it correctly. Therefore, make sure to visit to see some good options.

Essential Aspects When Choosing an Insurance Policy

Insurance experts advise you to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Usually, only basic medical services are included in the insurance program. It is necessary to clarify whether it will be possible to contact a narrow specialist, for example, an allergist or immunologist.
  2. Often, insurers exclude such expensive tests as MRI or immunological tests.
  3. Check if the contract has a deductible amount. Suppose insurance coverage is $10,000 dollars, and $400 dollars are deductible. The first visit to the doctor and tests may cost you 400$. In this case, the insurer will not pay you this money. Thus, in this case, insurance becomes meaningless.
  4. Sometimes, a temporary deductible is set in the contract, which determines the period from the beginning of the contract to the first call to the doctor. For example, you agreed on September 1, and you can only claim insurance for medical services from October 1. A temporary deductible does not necessarily set a monthly period. It can be one day or one week.
  5. Usually, a standard policy does not provide money for chronic diseases. And before concluding an agreement, it is necessary to ask the insurance company about their availability. If during the examination, the doctor reveals your chronic illness that you did not notify the company about, the insurer has the right to refuse to pay insurance.

Sometimes, subsequent treatment and procedures can not be paid. Be sure to find out what the insurer means by the exacerbation of the chronic disease. This is usually an insured event. But it is better if the contract includes a clause on insurance coverage not only for exacerbations but also for the stage of remission. Or you can delete a chronic disease from the list of exceptions. Then an acute attack and subsequent treatment will be paid. This will increase the cost of the insurance policy by 2-3 times.

Types of Policies

Decide on the choice of policy. There are different products on the insurance market, some of which do not cover the cost of treatment but pay money only upon the establishment of a diagnosis. For example, health insurance provides payment in the event of an accident or a serious illness. Sometimes only a one-time compensation is paid.

Medical insurance

Another type is medical insurance. In this case, the insurance company compensates for the client’s money spent on treatment.

When concluding a voluntary health insurance contract, the insurance company pays for treatment from the very beginning. This is the most profitable option since you do not need to pay for most medical services. Make sure you’re getting the right medical insurance for your specific needs, though. For example, if you have hearing problems and require hearing aids (which can be pricey), get a health insurance that covers these types of medical expenses.


Every year, it becomes increasingly difficult to cover the costs of their treatment. Therefore, medical insurance can be considered as one of the ways out of this situation.

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