How Can I Win a Debt Lawsuit?

Debt is a burden that many of us carry, and in these uncertain economic times, it’s harder to keep up with and make payments. That can lead to a bad credit report or your account going to collections.

About 15% of people that are in collections get sued to collect the debt. If you’re one of them, it can feel like an impossible situation to escape.

There is a silver lining, though. It is possible to win a debt lawsuit if you take the right steps.

Do you find yourself asking, “How can I win a debt lawsuit?” You’ll want to keep reading to find out.

Don’t Ignore It

The first mistake that many people make when faced with a debt lawsuit is that they ignore it. They may think that it doesn’t matter because the debt isn’t theirs or they can’t believe that it’s for real.

Another common line of thought is that they don’t have a way to pay, so it doesn’t matter.

Here’s why it does matter, whether you have the means to pay or not. Debt collectors assume that you won’t show up. If you don’t show up, they win.

A judge will grant a default judgment in favor of the debt collections company. Once that happens, then the debt collection agency can take drastic steps to collect the debt.

They can garnish your wages, seize assets in your bank accounts, and place a lien on your property.

Seek Legal Representation

Getting legal help is essential to winning a debt collection lawsuit. An attorney becomes the spokesperson who handles all communications with debt collectors. That gives you peace of mind and takes the stress out of the process.

They may be able to help you receive damages for emotional stress and for lost wages if a debt collector violated your rights.

Find out more about how to get legal help for a debt or consumer protection lawsuit.

Understand Your Legal Rights

Being in debt and getting sued for it can make you feel powerless. You still have legal rights no matter how far behind you are in payments.

Debt collectors can use deceptive practices to get you to pay. Some of these practices are plainly illegal. The first thing you need to do is learn that the debt collector has to prove that they can sue you.

They need to show that the debt belongs to you and you owe the amount that they claim. You may have a valid defense for not paying the debt like you made a purchase and never received what you paid for.

How Can I Win a Debt Lawsuit?

Getting sued due to debt is a situation no one wants to go through, leaving many to wonder “How can I win a debt lawsuit?”

It’s critical not to ignore the lawsuit. You’ll want to get legal help and understand your rights as an individual. Following these steps, you’re more likely to win your debt lawsuit and move on with your life.

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