How HRIS Could Help Business During the Crisis?


In the past few months, COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people do business and live around the world. Experts estimate that this global health crisis will cause a 2.5% reduction in America’s gross domestic product. As a business owner, your main goal needs to be obtaining some semblance of normalcy.

Using the tools at your disposal is a great way to accomplish this goal. During these troubling times, you need to have a human resources information system (HRIS) in place to help you manage existing and new employees. The more you learn about HRIS, the easier it will be to see how helpful they can be. Below is some information on the benefits of this technology and how it can help in a time of crisis.

Managing Payroll For Remote Employees

One of the biggest changes most businesses have undergone during this global health crisis is in regards to how they work. Many businesses have closed their doors because the products/services they provide have been deemed non-essential. Allowing team members to work from home is a great way to keep your business going during these troubling times.

Attempting to keep up with the hours your remote team is working manually can create lots of problems. This is why having an HRIS in place is imperative. With this technology, you can automate tasks like giving salaries and tax deductions. Removing the possibility of errors from the payroll process can keep you and your employees happy.

Speed Up the Recruitment Process

If you are moving the bulk of your company’s operation online, you may need to hire more remote employees. With over 96% of the American population in quarantine, online sales are starting to increase substantially. Trying to find, vet and hire new employees without the help of technology can be difficult. If you want to speed up and optimize the hiring process, then you need to think about using the power of an HRIS program.

When paired with an applicant tracking system, an HRIS allows you to find the right team members in a hurry. The faster you can get the right employees hired, the easier it will be to strike while the iron is hot. The longer you wait to embrace this HR technology, the harder it will be to adapt to the world of online sales.

Immediate Access to Important Information

As more and more companies embrace the convenience of remote work during the COVID-19 crisis, there has been a rise in their need to access important information digitally. If a member of your human resources department needs to find information about a particular employee, you can provide them with the access they need by using an HRIS program.

By providing this access to important information, you can make your remote employees more productive. If an employee spends less time looking for information they need, they can focus on accomplishing more important tasks.



Automated Reminders Can Be Helpful

Meeting deadlines is something every business owner and employee has to deal with. An HRIS program provides you with automated reminders about important HR-related tasks. With these reminders, you and members of your team will be able to avoid letting important tasks slip through the cracks. Allowing IT professionals to help you set up and optimize these reminders is crucial when trying to use them to their full potential.

Do Your Homework Before Choosing an HRIS Program

There are a number of HRIS programs on the market. Choosing the right one will require you to do some research. With the help of IT professionals finding and implementing the right HRIS program will be a breeze.