How to Avoid Buying a Bad Product

I hear from a lot of people lamenting they’ve bought a bad product. They are angered that the product is not as good as they hoped. So the following post is meant to curtail people in the future from buying bad products. We’ll cover enough angles so you will virtually never buy a bad product again. No more wasting money. No more being disappointed.


Wait before Buying

Sometimes people will just be disappointed with something because their expectations were that high. It’s kind of like when you finally try that new restaurant. You’ve been trying to get a reservation for months. Then you take your first long-awaited bite and – you’re disappointed.

So instead of becoming disappointed, wait before buying. Let the idea of owning the product wash over you. Read all about it. Check its website and see if what it promises is what you’ll be happy receiving. Never be disappointed in a product just because you didn’t fully appreciate what you were getting into. Personally, I wait a few weeks before making any major purchase. Bonus: Usually by the end of that time, you’ll get over wanting the product anyway. This means more money you can save! The best purchase is often no expense at all.

Read Reviews

With the internet, ignorance is no longer an excuse. Search virtually any product on the planet and you’ll receive hits for tons of reviews. This means if you do your research, you’ll know if a product is good or not without ever getting your wallet involved. My favorite is to read reviews on Amazon. These are simple. Plus, they are crowdsourced. That means that they are usually pretty accurate. That’s because these are many, many unbiased reviews. With all those different reviews, the average rating is usually accurate. I only buy Amazon products that have at least 4 out of 5 stars.

Ask People You Know

Don’t want to take advice from strangers? Then ask the people you know if they’ve used the product. Let them talk about their experiences. Let them teach you. Or better yet, search your social media to see if any of your friends have talked about the product. See what they’ve said. This is very fast and easy. A friend’s thoughts are worth more than 10 thoughts from strangers.

Try It out in Person

I’ve heard Best Buy called “Amazon’s showroom.” That’s because people go to Best Buy to try out the product. Then they get on Amazon (maybe even on Best Buy’s WiFi) and order the product at a cheaper price. You could do this. Or you could buy from Best Buy directly. Or you could try the product out if you have a friend who has it. Or you could order from an online store like Amazon. Amazon has an amazing return policy. Electronics must be returned within 30 days. Most everything else doesn’t need to be returned before 90-days after purchase. You get a 100% return on your money. It’s a bit of a hassle but trying out products first is a fantastic way to never get stuck with a mediocre product.

Get a Guarantee

Maybe you like a product on the surface but you’re not sure if it’ll have lasting power. Perhaps you think the batteries could go flat after a few months. Or maybe you’re worried something else may break. It doesn’t matter. By getting a guarantee, you can get your money back even if a product does disappoint you. Although buying extended warranties is generally not a good deal. Instead, buy products with a long manufacturer’s warranty. Or better yet, get a credit card which offers extended warranties on products. That credit card perk is pretty fantastic. Just make sure to use it. Most people get the perk but they forget they have it!

What will you do?

How will you avoid never buying a bad product again? Avoiding bad products will save you money, and more importantly time.

If the recommendations in this article ever do fail you, make sure to return the item. Don’t get complacent. If you aren’t using and enjoying the item, take it back. Remember, a store’s primary concern is that you’re happy. They need happy customers. Don’t worry about troubling them with a return. Employees are more than happy to make things right. You may also ask Worcester MA product liability lawyer for more information.