How to Choose Where to Live

It’s a fantastic problem to have, wondering where to live. But sometimes a world of choices is intimidating. I mean think about it… you can live anywhere on the planet. That’s bizarre. But this post will help you wrap your head around the process of finding a place to live. Let’s get moving!



Obviously, the biggest draw you’ll have to any place is if you have family or friends concentrated in one area. Family/friends is the biggest reason why people live where they live. Your high school friends may have never moved out of their hometown simply because they don’t know anyone anywhere else.

If you and your family/friends love the idea of you staying around forever, by all means, you’ve found your forever home. How’s that for a simple answer as to where to live.

And keep in mind, as you get older, you’ll likely get nostalgic for where you grew up. I’ve seen it happen over and over again with people. So even though you may move away, you’ll likely feel a calling to return home once you start having kids.


Taxes are a large concern. Some states have high state income taxes – some states don’t have any. Some states have favorable tax rules for businesses, some not so favorable. Consider moving to a state where you won’t have to pay much in taxes. Think of what you could do will all the extra money each year if you didn’t have to pay as much in taxes?

This is important to note. As a US citizen, you are taxed on all worldwide income. Yep – there’s no escaping Uncle Sam. I know it sucks but it’s the truth. The only way to escape it is to renounce your US citizenship. And if you try to get it back… good luck.


Even though most of us work indoors, climate still matters. Do you like to run? Do you like to bike? Do you like to snow ski? Climate affects what you enjoy to do outdoors. I personally even find that the climate really affects my mood. If it’s sunny, my demeanor is sunny. If it’s gloomy…

Real Estate

Perhaps you’d like to buy a house soon. Why not go to a place that’s in a bit of a housing recession. That way, you can buy low and then sell high once the recession is over. Or stay in the house forever and keep increasing its equity.


This may be the most important, yet least tangible, thing to consider. How does a place make you feel? Does Manhattan make you feel excited or anxious? Does LA have you missing seasons or are you loving the sun every day? Always consider your emotions when it comes to your living arrangement. Don’t let emotion override logic but still… give emotions a little respect.

And that’s how you can decide how to live. It’s complicated. But it’s pretty awesome you can decide where you want to live. Most people on the planet are pretty tied down to where they are. Happy choosing!