How To Find A Side Job That Brings In Significant Cash

How to find a side job that pays wellHave you ever wondered how your co-worker got such an awesome housesitting job? Or, maybe you’re wondering how your little brother makes a hundred dollars a week just by walking dogs for your neighbors.

They didn’t get those jobs because they’re charming (although it certainly helps!) They got it because they have knack for actually finding these jobs and getting them too! If you’re interested in doing the same, here’s how:

1. Identify your talent.

There are hundreds of side jobs that you could do, but you’d probably work harder if you actually liked it. So, what’s your gift? Are you good at tutoring? Do you like to babysit? Perhaps you’re great at customer service? Whatever it is, use that as a place to start. If you’re sitting there thinking that you have no talents, I’m here to tell you it’s just not true! Ask your friends and family members where they think you would thrive. That knack you have for taking funny videos of your friends? You could get paid to do that! Do you like drawing cartoon characters of celebrities? Someone would pay you to do that too! Make a list of 2-3 things that you enjoy doing, and then go out and find your clients.

2. Advertise your talent.

The only way to actually make money from a side job is to advertise. This means applying for the front desk job at the hotel downtown, and showcasing your gift for conversation in the interview. You can also go online to jobs boards or websites like or where it’s free to advertise your services. Don’t despair if it takes a little while for these jobs to get going. It could take months for a gig to catch on. Just keep trying and putting your information out there, and eventually the clients will come. I would also recommend setting up a professional webpage and social media accounts to add legitimacy to your advertisements.

3. Do amazing work.

Once you go through the hard work of identifying your talents and advertising them on every platform you can think of, you will eventually get a job. Your first client might be your uncle who asks you to mow his lawn, but remember that regardless of how well you know your clients, you have to do an exceptional job. After all, the point of having a side job is to bring in extra income. If you do a great job and are prompt, positive, and hard-working, you will get references. Then, the fun really begins.

Essentially, by following the steps above, you will be well on your way to securing a successful side job and adding hundreds if not thousands of extra dollars a year to your income.

Do you currently have a side job? How did you get it?