How To Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job in This Economy

BusinessmanIt’s no secret that it’s extremely difficult to get a job in this economy.

Yet, there are several tactics you can use to set your application apart from the rest. From utilizing new technology to bettering your skill set, here’s how you can ensure that the next job you apply for will be the one you get.

Create An Online Portfolio

In order to set yourself apart from the crowd, create a website that has your name as the domain name. Use it to share your resume, experiences, and references. In fact, make sure you include your website url on your resume. Often, employers will only look at your resume for a few seconds. Having a website url might intrigue them, and it will be your opportunity to let them know more about you.

Take Extra Classes

If you are trying to add to your skill set, a great way to do so is by taking extra classes. If you do not have the budget to do so, you can take a free online course at a website like Although free online courses will not give you actual credits, it will show initiative, and you can list them on your resume. For example, I am currently taking HTML courses. I know that I won’t receive college credit from it, but I’m learning the skill, and that’s what’s important.

Make Sure You’re Polished

If you do get an interview, make sure you are incredibly polished. Have a portfolio on hand, and bring copies of your resume in it. Don’t rummage through your bag looking for anything, and make sure your cell phone is turned off. When so many people are applying for so few jobs, you can’t afford to make even the tiniest mistake.

Keep Your Social Media Professional

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched colleagues at work look at potential employees on Facebook. While it may not be fair, it definitely happens in the workplace. Everything you portray online is permanent. Many people put up privacy settings, but I personally think that shows you have something to hide. I actually leave my personal Facebook pretty open. I hope potential employers look at it, since there is nothing incriminating on there.

Network in New Ways

Networking to get a job is an old standby, but these days, there are so many new ways to connect. You can follow a company on Twitter and interact with them daily. You can hang out on message boards and offer a unique perspective. Make sure you’re widening your understanding of what networking is in the 21st century so that you can use it to your advantage.

Ensure You Have No Grammatical Errors

An easy way to have your application put in a “no” pile is to have a grammatical error in it. Even the most seasoned grammar enthusiasts can make simple mistakes. The best way to avoid grammatical errors is to have more than one friend look at your application before you send it off.

Ultimately, if you implement the tips above, you will be well on your way to securing a job in the future. What other tips do you have for getting a job in this economy?

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons