How To Learn About Stock Investing

Stocks are all the rage these days — and not just with 40-plus-year-old blue-collar workers anymore. Since COVID-19 struck, nosediving stocks in the process, an influx of new investors have stormed the market of all ages and backgrounds.

If you fall into this group, then it’s mission critical to understand the ins and outs of the stock market. This is your hard-earned money, after all, and stocks come with huge risks. While investing apps like Robinhood make the stock market look like a Las Vegas-style betting sportsbook, it’s far from a game.

That’s not a scare tactic, either. It’s just friendly advice given the stock market can change people’s lives quickly — both in a good way or bad way. 

So if you’re new to this, or heck, a hardened investor that just wants to sharpen their skills, we’ve gathered some great resources for learning anything and everything related to stocks. The best part? These resources are largely free or very dirt cheap. Here’s what’s at your disposal: 

Trial & Error

This one’s obvious, isn’t it? Research has repeatedly shown that our minds learn best when we have a real stake in the outcome of our learning — and few stakes mean more to people than their own hard-earned money! 

Furthermore, you should come to grips with knowing you’ll likely lose money at first. Simply put, you don’t know what you don’t know and mistakes WILL be made. But don’t let early losses discourage you away from investing altogether.  

In fact, it’s good to get these early losses out of the way when you’re new and probably have less capital to play with. You don’t want these costly mistakes to be made when you have bigger money at your disposal. Either way, treat any stock market loss or mistake as a lesson instead — a hard-earned learning that’ll actually help you win down the line. 

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More than 500 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube by the minute. You think there’s noteworthy stock-related content in that massive toll? Of course, there is!

The recent boom in investing has brought out a slew of YouTubers focused on the topic. In their videos, these creators go over everything from investing basics (e.g. how options work) to how to read a balance sheet to their own investment picks. A visual medium like YouTube really helps make the learning process easier, too. 


Books — remember those? With the rise of YouTube and social media networks, it seems like less and less people are using books to scour for information and gain a deep understanding of a subject. Spoiler alert: there’s still a wealth of knowledge to be found in between those spirals. 

In fact, you’ll find investing books that have “stood the test of time,” as in the information covered is as relevant today as it was when first published ages ago. We could write an entire article dedicated to suggested books on investing, but here’s a few all-time classics — A Random Walk Down Wall Street, The Intelligent Investor, and The Warren Buffett Way

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Online Courses

Today, traditional school isn’t the only place to get an education. No, there’s loads of online-based courses that are packed with as much, if not more, information as a classroom-based session. 

Online courses come in two flavors. The first is there’s online experts that build entire websites and video series to dive deep into a topic like the stock market. Some are free, but others are paid — but it still runs well underneath college tuition. 

There’s also apps that give away free college-level courses with no strings attached. Examples of such apps include iTunes U and edX. You can jump into classes from elite universities such as Harvard or Stanford. Inside these apps, you’ll find no shortage of topics related to investing and business in general. 

Social Media

Alright, you probably knew this was coming, but social networks like Twitter and more-famously Reddit — which was behind the GameStop madness — are filled with stock traders offering up information. But if you really want to go “all in” on investing, then StockTwits is the go-to platform for you. As the name implies, this network is entirely focused on the stock market. Seriously, it’s stocks 24/7/365 on the platform! 

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