How to Score Sweet Deals on Sweet Treats

Everyone loves candy, am I right?! That’s a rhetorical question. Of course everyone loves candy. That’s thanks to the reptilian portion of our brain. The reptilian portion of our brain is slow to the party. Basically, it thinks we’re still living in caves. It still commands us to choose our food based on its calorie count. Greasy meat? Good! That has a lot of calories. Candy? Good! Many calories. That’s because in the cave days, that way of thinking would keep us from starving to death. But it’s the 21st century. We’re more likely to die of obesity than starvation.


That’s where to prefrontal cortex comes into play. This evolved portion of our brain, located at the front of our skull, is used for rational thought. It is aware that we should choose healthy options so we don’t get too fat. These two parts of our brains are in constant battle. It will remain this way until the reptilian portion of our brain can evolve. So in the meantime, we will crave – and cave – to the temptation of candy.

With that said, we can still enjoy sweet treats without busting our food budget. The following post shares ways to save on candy. Your sweet tooth and your bank account will be satisfied:

Seasonal Sales

Beware because this option for saving money on candy requires self-discipline. What you can do here is stock up on candy during sales. Sales occur several times through the year. Think Super Bowl, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween(!) and Christmas.

During these sales, stock up on all your favorite candy. Candy stores well so you won’t have to worry much about expiration dates. The best way of getting these seasonal sales is by using coupons. Enjoy filling your cart with candy – and saving money!

Make at Home

This option isn’t for the faint of heart. Making candy can be a drawn out, hot, messy process. But some people find it extremely rewarding. When I was big into candy, I told myself I would only buy sweets if I made them myself. Pretty soon, I found myself rarely eating candy.

Some people find they actually love making candy at home. It is kind of cool how it makes everyone in the house happy at the sight of sweets. Puppy chow at home, for the win.

Buy in Bulk

There are many online candy stores that allow you to buy in bulk. You can find some brick-and-mortar stores as well. Some stores even let you buy really specific candies like only a certain color! Browsing these candy shops is fun – even for me as a 25-year-old!

You can also head to Sam’s Club, BJ’s Wholesale, Costco or a similar store for an easy way to buy in bulk. Pick up some veggies while you’re there. These stores provide serious savings. Costco in particular I like a lot. They have really first rate customer service and an outstanding return policy.

Buy Generic

Some generic candies are really, really good. It’s a shame not to at least give them a chance. Many of these candies are 30% cheaper than name brands.

After all, how hard is it to blend chocolate and peanut butter?

Amp up the Sugar!

This is a really fun option. Buy candies heavy in sugar. This way, you have to buy less of them to get the same delicious sugar rush. You can also try buying dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is so bitter, most people feel satisfied after having just one or two pieces. You’re probably thinking dark chocolate is disgusting. But it grows on you. Soon you’ll reach for it before any other kind.