‘I Am the Only Candidate Who Will Stop This Invasion’ Says Donald Trump as He Hits Back at Biden’s Border Policies

In a fiery op-ed for the Des Moines Register, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump argues the most pressing issue facing the next president is immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump’s piece comes as the Biden Administration struggles with a recent surge of migrants at the southern border, with 3.1 million attempted crossings in 2023. 

Day one action

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In his recent opinion piece for the Des Moines Register, Trump asserted: “The most urgent task facing the next president is to end Joe Biden’s nation-wrecking nightmare on our southern border. I am the only candidate who will stop this invasion — and I will do it on day one.”

Trump policies 

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“Under the Trump administration, we had the most secure border in U.S. history. We ended catch-and-release, and removed over 1 million illegal aliens in my first term. I negotiated unprecedented agreements with Central American nations and brokered “Remain in Mexico” to stop the flow of migrants to our border.”

Trump vs Democrats

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“I also got the Mexican government to deploy tens of thousands of soldiers to the border free of charge,” the former president added in his trademark boastful style. “Every step of the way, we fought obstructionist left-wing judges and radical Democrat activists who tried to stop us — and we won.”

Build the wall

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“By the time I left office, we’d built 500 miles of border wall, with many more miles just weeks away from completion.” Trump’s 2016 campaign pledge was to build a concrete wall along the entire 2,000 mile length of the border.

Covid-era policy

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“And under my Title 42 policy, people all over the world knew that if they entered illegally, we would send them straight back home,” Trump added, referring to the statute his administration invoked with the stated intent of preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S.

Continued by Biden

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Title 42 allowed Trump’s administration to quickly expel migrants trying to cross the southern border by using the pandemic as a justification. The Biden administration continued the policy and expelled two million people under it in fiscal years 2021-22. The policy ended on 11 May 2023 and saw a total of 2.8 million people expelled. 

Blasts Biden

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Trump goes on to blast the “disastrous results” of President Biden’s border policies, lamenting that he “canceled the border wall, ended Remain in Mexico, ripped up my asylum bans, ended Title 42, and began resettling millions of migrants into American communities at taxpayer expense.”

Anti-migrant rhetoric

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Now, Trump said: “We have the highest number of illegal border crossings in history, by far. Nearly a quarter million migrants crossed in November alone — and that’s a likely vast undercount. Migrants are overwhelming our cities. Drugs, criminals, gang members and terrorists are pouring in.”

Back to 2017

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The former president then turned to his plan for border policy, writing: “On my first day back in office, I will terminate every open borders policy of the Biden administration and immediately restore the full set of strong Trump border policies.”

Deporter in chief 

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“Then, we will begin a record-setting deportation operation. Joe Biden has given us no choice. The millions of illegal aliens who have invaded under Biden require a record number of removals. This is just common sense.”

Focus on federal law enforcement 

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This will be accomplished, he argued, by using “all resources and authorities available. We will shift massive portions of federal law enforcement to immigration enforcement — including parts of the DEA, ATF, FBI, and DHS.”

WW2 law

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“I also will invoke the Alien Enemies Act to remove known or suspected gang members, drug dealers, or cartel members from the United States. And we will use Title 42 to end the child trafficking crisis at last,” Trump added, invoking the 18th Century Alien Enemies Act. President Roosevelt used the Law to deport and secure citizens of Germany, Italy and Japan during the Second World War. 

It’s not just the border

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“Joe Biden is leaving behind a catastrophe of historic proportions. The next president must secure the border while also stopping inflation, saving the economy, cleaning up Washington corruption, restoring peace through strength, and preventing World War III.”

Trump touts experience 

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“We do not have time for on-the-job training. Unlike every other candidate, with me, there is no question. I promise you that I will get this job done,” the former president concluded. 

Biden’s proposals

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Trump’s op-ed was published as proposals were discussed by the White House and Senate negotiators to create a new expulsion authority that could deny rights to seek asylum if illegal border crossing reaches a specific number. But this would almost certainly depend on Mexico’s willingness to take back non-Mexicans who illegally enter the U.S., which it currently does on a limited scale. 


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