17 Indicators Your Relationship Won’t Last the Year

The year just started, and while it is a time for new beginnings, it might also be a time for endings. Sadly, one ending might be your relationship. In this article, we look at 17 signs you should look out for to see if it’s true.

No Future Plans

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Couples unsure of their future together often hesitate to make plans or discuss what’s ahead. They will try to avoid discussing the future, as they know that they don’t have any shared dreams or goals. If you are in this situation, Bustle has seven questions you can ask your partner without scaring them off.

Broken Promises

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If your partner is making promises they are not keeping, the end might be closer than you think. Inconsistency in keeping commitments is usually a sign that you are no longer a priority for your partner. It’s not just about them not giving you something; it is more about integrity.


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You might notice an increase in critical statements coming from your partner. They might try to make you feel like your concerns aren’t valid or important when you raise them. A respectful partner would never make you feel this way.

Independent Allocation of Resources

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Deciding alone on matters that affect both partners is another bad sign for a relationship. This behavior shows a disregard for the partnership’s mutual needs, prioritizing personal wants over the relationship’s well-being. According to The Huffington Post, some partners can go as far as sabotaging you.

Ignored Attempts for Connection

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As your relationship nears its end, your partner might start ignoring any attempts at deep communication. You will notice a lack of interest in sharing daily events or emotions and a rejection of offers to spend time together.

More Energy Spent Away From the Relationship

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One way to avoid working on your relationship is by focusing on other aspects of your life. This is why staying late at work is a telltale sign of people who want to get out of their relationships. Some people might go as far as picking up new hobbies just to have something else to focus on.

Sentences Begin With “I” More Than “We”

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When someone starts using “I” more than “we,” it shows a shift toward prioritizing their own needs and plans over those of the relationship. This change can be subtle, but it’s a clear sign that the person is focusing more on themselves and planning their future without considering you.

Treating Others Better

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If your partner shows more excitement and energy around others than they do with you, it might be a sign that their interest in the relationship is going down. You may notice them complimenting others frequently while neglecting to appreciate you or sharing lively stories about times spent without you.

Diminished Affection

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A noticeable decrease in physical closeness, emotional availability, and support within a relationship often signals a problem. When tenderness, intimacy, and the feeling of being connected start to fade, it suggests that the relationship’s emotional foundation is getting weaker.

One-Way Compromises

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A relationship where only one person seems to be making all the decisions, without considering the other’s feelings or needs, is unbalanced. This lack of mutual consideration and the feeling that sacrifices are only made by one side can lead to resentment and dissatisfaction. Healthy relationships thrive on mutual respect, understanding, and compromise.

Disrespect to Others

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Watch how your partner treats others; it’s often a preview of how you might be treated in the future. If they are rude or dismissive to service staff or others, they will likely be rude to you eventually. You can try some tips, like correcting them as recommended by Love Panky, but if they don’t change, leave.

Avoiding Relationship Labels

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Uncertainty about where you stand can indicate a lack of serious commitment. Your partner might show reluctance to define the relationship. They will also resort to jokes or dismissals when you attempt to have serious conversations. The New York Post recommends discussing labels after about five dates, so that is a good time to bring it up.

Hypercritical Behavior

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Continuous criticism can wear down your confidence and is often a form of emotional abuse. This is still true, even if the criticism is over small things like cleaning or how you style your hair. Defend yourself if you can, but if you feel defeated, it might be time to throw in the towel.

Disapproval from Friends and Family

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Consider the perspectives of those who know you well; they might see red flags you’re missing. Your friends and family might be hesitant to express their concerns, so you should consider asking them directly. Be direct and ask what they think about your partner instead of asking vague questions.

Lack of Personal Knowledge

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Ignoring your preferences, focusing conversations solely on themselves, and showing little curiosity about what matters to you can make you feel undervalued and invisible in the relationship. This lack of effort to understand or know you on a personal level points to a disconnect that goes beyond mere oversight.

Feeling Like You’re in a Movie

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Experiencing a relationship with extreme highs and lows can be exciting but also emotionally draining. When passion feels like the main driver, overshadowing stability, communication, and mutual respect, the relationship may be on shaky ground.

Losing Yourself in the Relationship

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Compromising too much of yourself—your interests, hobbies, and friendships—for the sake of a relationship is a serious red flag. It indicates a loss of individuality and can lead to codependency, where your identity and happiness become overly reliant on your partner.

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