18 Items That Are Always Cheaper at Costco

Costco is well known for its low pricing strategies and great value, but if you’re not a shopper at the store yourself, you may be surprised to find out just how much you could save. From Nutella to pet food, discover 18 items you’ll likely find cheaper at Costco than your local grocery store.

Rotisserie Chicken

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Who doesn’t love fresh, hot rotisserie chicken? Well, at Costco, you can head home with one for just $4.99! As shared by Real Simple, the company’s whole chicken “has sported that exact same price tag for well over a decade, defying rising food costs and inflation.” This is much cheaper than other outlets.


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Nutella is a delicious and incredibly popular chocolate spread. Unfortunately, it can be quite expensive these days. Costco, however, sells large, cost-effective jars for just 25 cents an ounce—significantly cheaper than Amazon and other competing grocery stores. Stock up while you can!

Macaroni and Cheese

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Boxed mac and cheese is a staple in homes all across the United States—a quick and easy-to-make meal that the whole family loves. Thanks to Costco, you can get your hands on an 18-pack of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese for just $1.06 per box, offering you significant savings. In comparison to Walmart, you’re sure to save a few dollars.


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Costco is well worth paying a visit to if you need to restock your spice cabinet. The Daily Meal says, “It’s not even a close competition in terms of value. Costco’s spices not only come in bulk options, but their prices truly can’t be beaten. They’re practically a steal!” At just 33 cents an ounce for steak seasoning, for example, you’re getting large-size offerings at lower prices.

Hot Dog Meal

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If you and your friends or family are craving a hot dog, there’s no better place to head down to than Costco if you want value for your money! You can get a hot dog and a drink for just $1.50, a price that has remained unchanged since the 1980s. There’s also no membership required for this purchase.

Breakfast Cereal

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Cereal has become increasingly expensive over the years, so if you’re looking to save a couple of dollars on a bulk buy, Costco is your best bet. At 17 cents an ounce for Cheerios, Costco’s offerings are competitive against Target and other retailers.

Luxury Bath Towels

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You may not consider a place like Costco when you’re looking for new towels, but the store surprisingly stocks some pretty nice ones. Made of 100% HygroCotton, you can get a two-pack of luxury bath towels for just $19.99, which is more affordable than similar products on Amazon.

Gift Cards

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According to Business Insider, “When it comes to buying gift cards, it’s hard to beat the deals found at Costco. For starters, the wholesale club deals with gift cards in much the same way as it does everything else: in bulk.” When you bulk-buy gift cards here, you get 20% to 30% off face value on a wide range of options, including restaurants and entertainment!

Over-the-Counter Allergy Medicine

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Another item with great savings at Costco, this is ideal for allergy sufferers or those with family members who struggle. At a price of just 19 cents per pill, you’ll get substantial savings compared to sites like Amazon. The Kirkland brand in particular offers quality at a lower cost!

Instant Ramen

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If you don’t have a cupboard or pantry filled up with instant ramen, who are you? We all love our ramen, so you’ll be pleased to know that you can usually get significant savings per cup at Costco compared to average prices elsewhere. Ideal for quick and easy meals!


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As shared by Eat This, Not That!, you can buy almost anything at Costco, and “one thing they have plenty of are vitamins and supplements.” The store sells a variety of brands and formulations. While only marginally cheaper than elsewhere, savings do add up over time, so don’t miss out.

Coffee Pods

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Ideal for coffee enthusiasts who need their morning fix, Costco sells multi-packs that work out to be just 32 cents per pod. With a wide selection of brands and flavors available to choose from, shoppers have access to considerable savings and won’t have to restock for a long time.

Olive Oil

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As you likely know, olive oil is a staple in cooking and various dressings, meaning you probably want to have a bottle or two on hand at home. Luckily, Costco offers olive oil in bulk for better value, at just 20 cents per ounce.

Bacon Bits

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According to Statista, “268.04 million Americans consumed bacon in 2020,” and it’s only been getting more popular. If this doesn’t tell you how much we love bacon, nothing will! With this in mind, you may be pleased to know that Costco sells some very affordable bacon bits, offering better value than similar products elsewhere. This is ideal for topping salads or adding to dishes.

String Cheese

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A healthy, convenient snack option loved by both kids and adults, you can experience significant savings by getting your string cheese in bulk at Costco rather than at grocery stores like Ralphs or Walmart. At just 19 cents apiece, it’s a real bargain!

Pet Food

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Have you got a beloved dog or cat at home? If so, you know how expensive it can be to feed them on top of your own food requirements. Head on down to Costco! The wholesale store stocks various brands at competitive prices, and the Kirkland brand made by Diamond Pet Foods offers great value.

Vanilla Extract

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Whether you’re a passionate home baker or running your own bakery business, vanilla extract is an essential that often costs a pretty penny. At Costco, however, you can get a huge 16-ounce bottle for just $14.92! This is a pretty significant saving compared to the per-ounce pricing elsewhere.

Paper Towels

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There is never a time when paper towels can’t come in handy. They’re essential for cleaning and spills, and ideal for wiping dirty hands and mouths while eating. Next time you head to Costco, stock up! The store’s bulk packaging leads to significant savings at just 2 cents a sheet, and it also means you won’t have to shop for more for quite some time!

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