17 Items You Should Never Buy Secondhand

Everyone loves a bargain and sometimes you can find some gems when shopping secondhand. However, there are still some things that you should avoid buying from another person. This is commonly due to hygiene or safety reasons but can also be linked with the wear and tear of an item.


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Expecting a child can be an expensive time and sometimes it may be more favorable to purchase secondhand. However, a crib is something that should be bought brand-new. There may be safety hazards with secondhand cribs, especially if the crib is old and starting to wear away.

Bicycle Helmets

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A bicycle helmet is only designed to work once. If one is bought secondhand then there’s an element of unknown as to whether it has already been used. Money Crashers writes “Even if it looks intact, it can no longer provide the same protection it once did.” Bicycle helmets are usually affordable and not something that needs to be bought secondhand.

Car Tires

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Not knowing how often a car tire has been used means a person will be unable to tell whether it’s safe to use. Autocar also says that secondhand car tires won’t last as long as brand-new ones, so savings may be less substantial. As it’s difficult to assess the condition of a secondhand tire, they’re best bought new.


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The sound quality can be greatly reduced in used speakers due to wear and tear. If the speakers are bought online then a person wouldn’t even be able to tell until they have been delivered. Thanks to audio technology, the quality of speakers is also always improving meaning they can date quickly.

Surge Protectors

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Surge protectors are an inexpensive item to purchase brand new and doing so can be the safer option. Buying a surge protector secondhand may not offer reliable protection for your electronics and could even be a fire hazard. Readers Digest writes “You could run the risk of buying one that malfunctions or just doesn’t work at all.”

Baby Strollers

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Another baby item that should never be bought secondhand. Strollers may have safety issues or be at risk from breaking, which a person will be unaware of. It’s important a child has the utmost safety and part of this comes from buying a brand-new baby stroller.

Plasma TVs

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Plasma TVs can have issues with burn-in and may have a shorter lifespan. LED TVs will last much longer, so if you want to purchase a secondhand TV then it’s best to go with this option. Loved By Curls also says that Plasma TVs aren’t as energy efficient, so purchasing a newer model can save money in the long run.

Upholstered Furniture

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These types of furniture, including couches, can be home to pests or have pet odors that won’t go. Sometimes it can’t be easy to inspect upholstered furniture. There can be high cleaning costs that come with the purchase, meaning it may have been more cost-effective to buy brand-new furniture.

Smoke Detectors

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There’s the potential for smoke detectors to malfunction or to suffer from wear and tear. As they’re needed for safety, it may be best to buy one brand new. Many are also reasonably priced so they’ll be affordable and function correctly, helping to give anyone piece of mind when falling asleep at night.


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Mattresses are known for harboring bacteria, allergens and pests. All of these are not visible to the naked eye. Best Life writes “You don’t know whether a used mattress is teeming with bed bugs – it’s not worth taking that risk.” It’s difficult to sanitize a mattress, so even though it can be expensive, it’s still something worth buying brand new.

Non-Stick Cookware

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After numerous uses, the coating of non-stick cookware can start to degrade and may not work as it did when brand new. It can also cause health risks due to food cooking in the pan. It’s hard to assess the lifespan of cookware, so with it being reasonably priced as brand new, it’s best to purchase straight from the store.

Small Kitchen Appliances

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Wear and tear can affect the performance of many small kitchen appliances. According to Housewife How-Tos blades can become dull, motors can wear out and gaskets can degrade. There can also be hygiene concerns when it comes to buying kitchen appliances secondhand as they’ve been around food.

Personal Care Items

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This can include items such as toothbrushes, hair brushes and razors. There may be hygiene risks due to these items being previously used. Anything like a toothbrush or razor can harbor bacteria and skin cells. It’s important to keep the use of these items to just one person to stay clean and hygienic.

Dog Toys

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Secondhand dog toys are likely to hold bacteria, mold and yeast. It may also be difficult to sanitize dog toys due to their shape or material. Brand-new dog toys are usually low in cost and will be a much safer option. Even tennis balls are a great and cost-effective way to keep a dog entertained.


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Buying secondhand food can mean there’s a possibility the food could be stale or out of date. There are health hazards that come with purchasing compromised food. Food bought from a supermarket means that it will always be fresh and won’t pose a risk to health.

Halogen Lamps

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Older halogen lamps lack safety features that new models possess. Older lamps have a greater fire risk, while newer ones will have safer designs and be more energy efficient. Newer models will also have more advanced light technology that enables them to brighten up a room better than an older halogen lamp.

Engagement Rings

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Secondhand engagement rings can mean damaged stones or a risk of authenticity. Inspired By Insiders says “An engagement ring is a significant investment.” The ring will have sentimental value, so unless it’s being passed down, it’s best to purchase a brand-new one. A brand new engagement ring will also assure quality and that it’s bought from a reputable seller.


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