Jill Biden Says ‘Cruel’ Allegations Against Hunter Are Affecting Her Family

First Lady Jill Biden has publicly come to the defense of her stepson, Hunter Biden, amid a barrage of attacks from Republicans. Jill says the attacks are now affecting the family.

Unyielding attacks

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In a recent interview with MSNBC, the first lady characterized the onslaught of allegations against Hunter as “cruel.” She told Mika Brzezinski, “I think what they are doing to Hunter is cruel, and I’m really proud of how Hunter has rebuilt his life after addiction.”

Negative effects

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The First Lady emphasized her love for her son and acknowledged the impact these attacks have had on her grandchildren. Jill shared, “That’s what I’m so concerned about, that it’s affecting their lives as well.”

Addressing criticism

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Jill expressed concern about the shift in the country’s rhetoric, particularly the constant attacks from Republicans on her family, including from former President Donald Trump, who frequently labels President Biden “incompetent” and “crooked.”

Impact of extremism

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Reflecting on the current divisive climate of the U.S., a transformation she says was brought about by “extremists,” and its stark contrast to a more harmonious past, Jill said, “I mean, we would never see things like that, say ten years ago.”

Trouble ahead

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The interview followed a House Republican vote to advance a contempt of Congress resolution against Hunter Biden. The vote sets the stage for a full House vote, which could potentially mean criminal charges against the president’s son.

Series of struggles

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Hunter Biden, a father of five, has publicly acknowledged his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. In 2014, he was discharged from the Navy Reserve following a failed drug test. The death of his brother, Beau, in 2015 also caused an alcohol relapse.

Controversy abounds

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Hunter has previously defied subpoenas for a closed-door deposition related to a Republican impeachment inquiry into President Biden’s actions. The deposition was filed, although the White House has consistently denied the president’s involvement in his son’s business dealings.

Increasing allegations

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Hunter also came under fire when the “alarming” contents of his damaged laptop were discovered at a computer repair shop—a story that Donald Trump and his Republican supporters ran with by falsely alleging that President Biden had been involved and acted corruptly.

Pants on fire

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Currently, Hunter is facing charges for lying on a federal form he filled out in October 2018 when buying a gun. On the form, he swore that he was not using or addicted to drugs, which turned out to be false.

Legal woes

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The president’s son also faces federal charges for evading taxes on over a million dollars of income from foreign businesses. He has pleaded not guilty to failure to file and pay taxes, filing a false tax return, and evasion of tax assessment.

Presidential pride

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Despite the legal challenges his son is facing, President Biden has consistently expressed pride in his son and acknowledged Hunter’s openness about his struggles with addiction.


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