18 Jobs Employers Are Desperate to Fill

Innovations in technology, an aging population, and an increase in the construction of infrastructure are just some of the reasons these 18 jobs are in high demand across the United States. Read on to find out why they are in demand and what skills you need to take on one of these roles.

Software Developer

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With high demand across industries including tech, healthcare, and finance, there are ample opportunities for software developers. According to Developers.Net, “This skills crisis has resulted in an astonishing 1 million tech job vacancies that still need to be fulfilled.”


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New construction projects mean that electricians are in high demand for new installations as well as maintaining and repairing existing infrastructure. To become a qualified electrician, you need to study for an apprenticeship or apply for a vocational training position.

Physical Therapist

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The aging population as well as healthcare advancements mean that there is an increasing demand for physical therapists across the U.S. The job involves patient rehabilitation, developing physical therapy plans, and improving mobility. Practicing as a physical therapist requires a degree in physical therapy and a state license.

Registered Nurse

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There is a critical shortage of nurses, especially in rural areas across the states. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says that “there is an average of nine RNs in the U.S. for every 1,000 people. Utah, Georgia, and Texas have the lowest nursing ratio, with just seven RNs for every 1,000 people.”

Cybersecurity Specialist

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Increasing threats to digital security have led to a bigger demand for skilled cybersecurity specialists. Key skills include threat assessment, security analysis, and knowledge of cybersecurity protocols, and there are opportunities across a wide range of sectors, from government to private corporations.

Truck Driver

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There is an ongoing shortage of truck drivers across the U.S., which plays a crucial role in the supply chain and logistics industries. According to a survey by IRU in the Americas, Asia, and Europe, it was “found that over three million truck driver jobs are unfilled, or 7% of total positions.”

Data Analyst

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Businesses rely heavily on data analysis for decision-making and strategy development, making this role a sought-after one for employers. Essential skills include data mining, statistical analysis, and the use of data analysis tools, and there are opportunities across various sectors, including tech, finance, and healthcare.

Marketing Specialist

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Marketers with experience in digital marketing are in particular demand at the moment. According to the World Federation of Advertisers, “nearly half (48%) of all advertisers, agencies, ad tech companies, and media owners think the industry is facing its ‘worst-ever crisis’ when it comes to talent.”


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An essential skill set for businesses needing to manage their finances and comply with regulations, accountants are sought after. The job involves skills such as financial reporting, tax preparation, and auditing, and having a CPA certification can enhance your job prospects.

Construction Manager

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An increase in both residential and commercial construction projects across the U.S. means construction managers are in high demand. Responsibilities include project planning, budgeting, and supervision of construction sites, and most roles will require that you have experience in construction along with management skills.

Human Resources Specialist

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Crucial for managing relationships with employees, recruitment, and compliance with labor laws, HR specialists are sought after by employers. Skills include interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and knowledge of HR software, and the job is universally needed across nearly every industry.

IT Support Specialist

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IT specialists are essential for businesses to maintain and troubleshoot computer networks and IT systems, and with more and more companies relying on digital technology so heavily, these employees are more in demand than ever. Responsibilities include providing technical support, maintaining hardware and software, and enhancing IT systems.

Dental Hygienist

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With society having a heightened awareness of health, including the importance of oral health, dental hygienists are in high demand. The role involves caring for patients, dental cleanings, and assisting dentists with procedures, and you’ll be required to have an associate degree in dental hygiene.

Sales Manager

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Critical for driving business growth and revenue, sales managers are highly sought after across America’s private businesses. To excel at this role, you’ll need to be good at team leadership, sales strategy development, and customer relationship management, as well as have great communication skills and a deep understanding of market trends.


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According to the UN, “the effect of a worldwide teacher shortage is profound, creating larger class sizes, overburdened educators, educational disparities, and financial strain on school systems, impacting educational quality and access.” The U.S. is facing particular shortages in mathematics and science teachers.

Mechanical Engineer

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In demand across industries such as manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace, mechanical engineers are required to design, develop, and test mechanical devices. To apply for a role in this field, you’ll need a degree in mechanical engineering and strong analytical skills.


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Restaurants, hotels, and private establishments are crying out for chefs across America. The job role involves menu planning, food preparation, and kitchen management, and as well as a passion for food and creativity, you’ll most likely need to gain some culinary training for the role.

Supply Chain Coordinator

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Supply chain coordinators manage the flow of goods and materials in various industries, and there is a high demand for individuals with experience in this role at the moment. The job involves logistics planning, inventory management, and supplier relations, as well as organizational skills and an understanding of supply chain principles.

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