Joy Behar Retorts as Co-Host Says Trump Should Remain on Ballot

Joy Behar became visibly agitated by co-host Sara Haines’s assertion that the Supreme Court would reverse its decision to remove Trump from ballots in Maine and Colorado in a recent episode of “The View.”

Trump guilty of insurrection

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The conversation began calmly enough before the heated exchange erupted. “I think he definitely engaged in insurrection, and I look forward to him being convicted—rightly so,” Haines began, speaking of Trump’s past misdeeds.

Trump charms insurrectionists

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“But I think even more so the language says that if you aid and comfort insurrectionists… from the day he came out of the White House he said we love you, go home,” she continued. “He said he would pardon the insurrectionists. He listened to their album from prison.”

Supreme mistake

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Haines’s line of argumentation then took a turn that caught her co-host off guard. The journalist said she agreed with “leading Democrats” who said that removing Trump’s name from ballots would “cause a division that’s almost insurmountable.”

Behar gets angry

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Joy Behar quickly interrupted by asking, “So what are you saying?” making her agitation with her co-host’s implication clear. Behar is a firm believer that legal action is the only way to take down Trump.

Haines’s hot take

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Keen to explain herself, Haines jumped back in by saying, “I don’t think that the Supreme Court is going to hold this. I think they’re going to overturn it, and it won’t just be the originalists. I bet it’s a 9-0 vote. I actually don’t think they will hold this.”

Haines doubles down

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Demanding clarity on Haines’s hot take, Joy asked, “So you think they should leave it to the voters or not?” to which Haines replied, “I think they should leave it to the voters.” Behar, evidently shocked by this assertion, let out an exasperated “Oh no,” as Haines continued to speak.

Trump’s desire for martyrdom

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“I think the division this will cause… because what will happen is that martyrdom will be one step more. We have a nation that doesn’t believe in democracy. Doesn’t believe in the voting,” Haines went on, undeterred by Behar’s interruption.

Rigged election allegations

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Further elaborating on her view, the journalist explained that banning Trump from ballots could play right into his hand. “Everyone that loses says it was rigged and failed. I think this will create a vision, a visual, to people that this was a rigged election,” she said.

Behar fights back

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“No, I don’t agree,” Behar retorted. “I think that the law will stand, and people should follow the law. Listen, if you’re not going to follow an amendment, then why don’t we have Taylor Swift run for president?”

An unpopular take

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This isn’t the first time Behar has publicly voiced her opinion on the Supreme Court decision. In December, the celebrity fired back after former congressman Joe Walsh posted “A take no one will like” on X.

Ballot ban would benefit Trump

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Walsh stated that while he believes Trump “committed insurrection,” removing him from ballots would “strengthen Trump politically.” The politician concluded that “The best and ONLY way to defeat Trump is at the ballot box, not to kick him off the ballot. Defeat him at the ballot box.”

Behar confronts Walsh

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Behar, unconvinced by Walsh’s argument, replied, “Joe, the ballot box can’t compete with the third-party candidates who will take votes from Joe Biden. And let us not forget the Electoral College. The law must defeat him.”

Ballot ban debate lives on

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As the debate over Trump’s ballot ban continues, it is unclear how the proceedings will ultimately play out. However, with Trump refusing to back down from challenging the Supreme Court’s decision and Democrats failing to reach a consensus on the correct course of action, this heated discussion is far from over.


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