18 Kitchen Gadgets That Are Only Wasting Your Money

There have been many kitchen gadgets released that are supposed to be handy appliances but, in actuality, they aren’t something you need. Many of our kitchen utensils are multifunctional, so we don’t need specific items. Here are 18 gadgets that you’re only wasting your money on. 

Egg Cooker

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According to Bright Side, many commercials tell us that special tools are better than ordinary ones, especially in the form of an egg cooker, as it’s just as easy to boil a pot of water. An egg cooker will also take up space and require extra cleaning. Instead, simply place an egg in a pan to cook. 

Microwave Bacon Cooker

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This gadget gives you a specialized way to cook bacon, but really all you need is a skillet. You get the same results, and cleaning is usually much easier. If you don’t want to fry bacon, then it can still be cooked in a traditional oven.

Deep Fryer

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A deep fryer can seem appealing if you eat a lot of fried food, but it’s bulky and takes up a lot of space. Similar results can be achieved in a pan. You just need to boil the oil and then add your food. Fryers often need high amounts of maintenance, making a traditional pan a far easier cooking method. 

Quesadilla Maker

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As a quesadilla maker is purely designed for one meal, it lacks versatility and becomes a waste of money. In most households, quesadillas aren’t eaten regularly enough to warrant spending money on them, especially when a simple kitchen pan can achieve the same results. 

Pie Bird

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A pie bird is a ceramic tool that’s used as a vent to allow steam to escape from pies, but it isn’t an essential gadget. Traditional baking methods will avoid you needing to use a pie bird, and it’s just as easy to pierce holes into the pastry with a knife or fork. 

Bread Machine

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Bread machines can take up a lot of room in a kitchen. For example, Choice writes, “It may seem like an appealing purchase, but if you’re not keeping it on the counter to make bread regularly, you’d do just as well using your oven and doing the grunt work yourself.”

Avocado Slicer 

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This is a single-use tool that isn’t worth the money, as the same results can come from simply using a knife. An avocado slicer will only take up valuable drawer space and if it isn’t used regularly, it will just become a novelty kitchen gadget. 

Electric Pasta Maker 

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An electric pasta maker can give you fresh pasta with lots of convenience, but it’s just as easy to roll your own. This gadget takes up counter space and it’s often something that’s only used every now and then, mainly because ready-made pasta is still a common food option. 

Banana Slicer

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Cutting a banana is a simple task that doesn’t require a specific gadget. It can easily be cut with a simple knife, which will save you money and drawer space. A banana slicer can also be more trouble than it’s worth, as it will only have to be cleaned and stored. 

Herb Scissors

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Herb scissors have multiple blades that are supposed to cut fresh herbs in a more convenient and even way. However, it’s just as easy to use standard kitchen scissors and you’ll get the same results. Herb scissors will only require extra cleaning and need somewhere to be stored. 

Electric Can Opener

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This kitchen gadget may be convenient, but it’s also a waste of money, as you get the exact same results with a manual opener; it just requires a little more elbow grease. They can also be more problematic, especially with irregularly shaped cans. Manual options are cheaper and easier to store. 

Strawberry Huller

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The Daily News describes a strawberry huller as being a waste of money. Instead of purchasing this item, you can do the exact same thing with a plastic straw. Just hold the strawberry in one hand and push the straw through the bottom. It’s another single-use item that’s only going to take up space and never get used. 

Electric Pepper Grinder

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An electric pepper grinder may make life easier when it comes to grinding pepper, but it requires batteries and maintenance. It’s much cheaper to purchase a manual grinder, which won’t require the regular purchase of batteries. It makes it a better option for the environment and won’t have added costs.  

Standalone Electric Griddle 

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These kitchen items are large and can take up lots of counter space. They also aren’t necessary, as a stovetop pan can create the same results as this gadget. Before purchasing one, you may want to think about how often it’ll actually be used; otherwise, it isn’t worth the money. 

Ice Cream Maker

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Owning an ice cream maker can be fun in the moment, but it’s not a gadget that’ll be regularly used. They take up space and how often they’ll be used most likely won’t justify the cost. Instead, you can purchase store-bought ice cream, which will be more cost-effective. 

Salad Spinner 

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A salad spinner may be useful for drying greens, but it also takes up lots of counter space. You can achieve the same results by using a colander and paper towel, which are items you’re likely to have in the kitchen. When you think of the cost, it’s not worth buying this item. 

Garlic Press

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Mashed writes, “When you use a garlic press, it can actually make the garlic taste more intense, and not in a good way.” It means you need to pay attention to the amount of garlic that you’re putting into the press. They’re also annoying to clean and you can achieve the same results by using a knife.   

Rice Cooker

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While many people may consider a rice cooker to be a convenient kitchen gadget, the same results can still be achieved in a pan. It’s just as straightforward and saves you from having to spend money on an unnecessary kitchen appliance. Consider how much rice you actually eat and then weigh up the pros and cons of purchasing a rice cooker.

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