Letitia James Warns Donald Trump ‘No One Is Above the Law’ Before Court Appearance

As Trump’s last court appearance for his civil fraud trial approached, Attorney General of New York Letitia James had a message of caution for the ex-president. In a recent tweet, the lawyer emphasized that “no one is above the law.”

Guilty Trump

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In late 2023, Judge Arthur Engoron ruled that Trump and his senior executives were guilty of civil fraud. In 2024, January’s final hearing was set to determine exactly how much the former president should pay in damages.

James speaks up

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Letitia James, who initiated the fraud case against Trump, had a few words of warning for Trump before his final appearance. “Today, my office will present our closing arguments in our trial against Donald Trump for financial fraud,” she said on X.

‘No one is above the law’

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“For years, Donald Trump engaged in significant financial fraud to enrich himself and his family,” she continued, underscoring the fact that “no matter how rich or powerful you pretend to be, no one is above the law.”

Trump’s fraudulent history

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James then doubled down on her message in her follow-up tweets. “Before this trial even began, the court ruled in our favor and found that Donald Trump engaged in this fraud and unjustly enriched himself and his family,” she wrote.

Witnesses testify

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“During the trial, we revealed the full scale and scope of that fraud. We heard from many witnesses: Trump, his family, his employees, and accountants,” she continued. “Their testimony exposed the baseless values and fraud they used to inflate Donald Trump’s net worth.”

Trump’s $2.2 billion inflation

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Underscoring the alleged extent of Trump’s financial crimes, James declared, “In some years, Trump and his team falsely inflated his net worth by as much as $2.2 billion.”

Trump allies fight back

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However, many Trump supporters were unimpressed by James’s argument. Investigative journalist and former Project Veritas operative Laura Loomer caused a stir by accusing James of corruption. “Sick woman. Letitia James @NewYorkStateAG is bragging about how she is giving closing arguments in Trump’s civil fraud trial today…” she tweeted.

Accusations of corruption

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“Meanwhile, Trump was originally allowed to give his closing arguments and then yesterday, crooked Judge Engoron denied Trump the ability to give his own closing argument today,” the journalist asserted. “Unreal corruption.”

Democratic propaganda?

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Right Angle News Network shared a similar sentiment. “The American people see right through this propaganda,” the network replied to James’s tweets. “We the American people are fed up with the Marxist like you trying to bring down our country from the inside out, we refuse to allow you to do this any longer. In 2024 we elect Donald Trump, and we hold all of you accountable.”

Engoron’s agenda

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As the hearing began, it was clear that Trump also felt that James and Judge Engoron were unfairly conspiring against him. “You have your own agenda,” he told Engoron at one stage. “I understand that you can’t listen for more than one minute.”

Trump attacks James

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Trump evidently holds a similar view of James, as he declared before his appearance, “All she can think is, ‘Let’s get Trump.’” James is seeking to sue the former president for $370 million, an amount she believes Trump gained through unlawful activities.


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