17 Lies Women Need to Stop Believing About Growing Older

Sadly, adults in the West still face many stereotypes and stigmas about getting older. These challenges can be especially difficult for women, who are often bombarded with messages about how they must preserve their youth at all costs. To help clear up some of these harmful misconceptions, we’ve compiled 17 lies women need to stop believing about growing older.

Age Equals Decline

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A lot of people automatically assume that reaching your old age means declining in various ways. However, it’s actually common for people to find that many aspects of their life actually improve as they age. This is largely because we become wiser and more in tune with ourselves over years of experience, helping us to make better choices and increase our life satisfaction.

They Have No Relevance in the Workplace

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According to USA Today, about two-thirds of adults over the age of 50 believe that older people face age-based discrimination in the workplace. However, despite what some people think, experience and maturity can actually improve one’s ability to lead and excel in their work roles.

Women Lose Their Beauty

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Just because society loves to tell us that losing our youth means losing our beauty doesn’t mean we have to believe it. In truth, aging does not take away from your beauty or value whatsoever. A lot of women actually start to feel more comfortable in their own skin as they grow older.

Cannot Adapt to Technology

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It’s a misconception that older people simply cannot grasp modern-day phones, computers, and other gadgets. As shown by the National Library of Medicine, older people are capable of adapting to new forms of technology and have significantly increased their use of apps, telehealth, and other technologies. 

Inevitability of Mental Decline

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While it is common for older people to experience some form of mental decline as they age, this change is certainly not always inevitable or irreversible. A lot of people maintain their wits and cognitive abilities well into their older years, allowing them to continue learning and growing.

Retirement Means the End of Productivity

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John Hopkins Medicine notes that it’s normal for people to have a later-life crisis as they retire and struggle to find a new sense of purpose and identity. However, you can manage these feelings by realizing that retirement doesn’t mean giving up on productivity and contribution. You may want to consider volunteering, taking up new hobbies, or giving back to your community in other ways.

Diminished Sex Life

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Contrary to popular belief, aging doesn’t automatically cause a significant decrease in libido or sexual satisfaction. In fact, because women usually become more in tune with their needs and desires with time, they often report greater levels of satisfaction as they age.

Older Women Have No Societal Influence

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Some people mistakenly believe that older women are less important and capable than their younger counterparts. However, the truth is that many women over the age of 50 have been known to significantly influence politics, lead important movements, and initiate conversations that have a real impact on the world.

Older Women Are Lonely

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While it’s true that older people face changing social circles and losing close ones, this certainly doesn’t mean that they’re doomed to a life of loneliness. A lot of older women are able to maintain many of their friendships and start new ones well into their later years.

Physical Inability Is Certain

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As noted by the World Health Organization, it’s common for older adults to experience a range of physical difficulties and impairments. However, it’s very possible for people to maintain their physical abilities into their old age with the right care and regular exercise. This is how many older women are able to take up new sports and physical hobbies in their later years.

Your Skin Will Become Wrinkly

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Not everybody feels comfortable embracing the natural changes their body goes through as they age, and that’s okay. The good news is that these changes can be embraced and managed rather than dealt with as an inevitable form of deterioration. For instance, there are many skincare products and health routines that can help slow the physical aging process.

Parenting Ends When Children Grow Up

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We all need support and guidance at every stage of our lives, so it’s misguided to assume that the role of a parent ends when their children reach adulthood. A lot of older women find new ways to engage with and support their family members, helping to provide them with a sense of purpose, connection, and meaning.

You’ll Have No More Opportunities for Love

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It’s a common myth that being single in your later life means there’s no hope of finding love. In truth, a lot of older women find meaningful, long-lasting relationships later in life. Trying out new forms of dating, such as online dating and meet-ups, can also make the process a lot easier.

Too Late to Start New Hobbies

BOOMER Expensive Hobbies Are Pointless
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While it’s normal to feel like you’re too late into your life to pick up new interests or hobbies, this is never the case. A lot of women surprise themselves by taking up a range of different activities they’ve always been interested in but never found the time to try.

Fashion and Style Are for the Young

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Some women feel like there’s less of a point in getting dressed up and styling themselves as they get older. However, a lot of prominent fashion icons and gurus are well over 50 years old and continue to make a significant and important impact.

Less Respect from Society

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While there are some ignorant people out there who have less respect for older individuals, this is certainly not true for everybody. A lot of people have great amounts of respect and admiration for the experience, knowledge, and wisdom that so often comes with age.

Aging Is a Lonely Journey

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It’s true that the prospect of aging can feel isolating and daunting. However, it’s definitely not a journey that you need to go through alone. Many older adults continue to build and maintain meaningful relationships into their later years and participate actively within their communities.

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