19 Low-Stress Jobs That Still Pay Very Well

All anyone wants is a stress-free job that still pays well. As society develops, more and more people are opting for a better work-life balance, such as switching commuting for remote work and doing more of what they love. Here are 19 low-stress jobs with great pay.


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The Muse writes, “Actuaries use math, statistics, and more to analyze financial risk.” The average salary of an actuary is $105,900, and the job is expected to grow by 21%. The occupation does require a bachelor’s degree in math or a related field, and a person would have to pass exams before they could start.

Technical Writer

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Technical writers specialize in writing complex technical documentation. The average salary of a technical writer is $78,060, and this is expected to grow by 6%. While a degree isn’t a necessity for this job, a technical writer is still expected to have a high amount of knowledge in their chosen field.

Software Developer

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Software developers design and develop applications and systems. They have a high median salary of $109,020, and as technology keeps developing, this salary is expected to grow by 25%. To become a software developer, the necessary skills can either be self-taught or learned through a degree in computer science.

Art Director

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An art director is considered to be a low-stress job. For example, Forbes writes, “If you’re seeking an exciting while relatively low-stress career in the arts, this might just be the role for you.” Art directors lead the artistic vision and teams for projects.


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Economists conduct research and analyze data that’s centered around economics. They have a median salary of $105,630, with job growth of 6%. Most positions in this career require a person to have advanced degrees, so it’s certainly one a lot of studying needs to go into.

Chemical Engineer

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A chemical engineer applies science to problems as a way to solve them, especially in the production of goods. The average salary of a chemical engineer is $105,550, and this rate is expected to grow by 14%. A bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering is needed to pursue this career.

Environmental Restoration Planner

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The role of an environmental restoration planner is to solve environmental and public health issues and isn’t considered to cause too much stress. For example, The Focusologist writes, “In these relatively low-stress jobs, planners help oversee and create restoration products like windmill installations and solar HVAC systems.”


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A statistician collects and analyzes data as a way to solve any problems. The average salary of a statistician ranges from $95,570 to $97,000. This career does require a bachelor’s degree in statistics or a related field, but it’s sure to pay off.

Industrial Designer

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An industrial designer develops concepts for manufactured products. This particular job is known for its flexibility and creativity, and this is what makes it relatively low-stress. The job requires a bachelor’s degree in industrial design, architecture, or engineering, and the average pay is $76,000.

Mechanical Engineer

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Career Sherpa writes, “As a mechanical engineer, you can benefit from financial stability, job security, and flexibility in how you work.” A mechanical engineer will design and test mechanical equipment to ensure it’s efficient. The average salary is $90,000, and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is needed.


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A physicist will research physical phenomena and theories. The job is considered low stress because a physicist will work in a calm lab area with minimum distractions. The average salary of a physicist is $96,000, and the role requires a bachelor’s degree in physics.

Physical Therapy Assistant

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A physical therapy assistant will work under a physical therapist and aid patients with recovery by focusing on specific exercises. The job has low entry requirements and an average salary of $59,000. An associate’s degree is required to be considered for this job, and relevant job training would be needed.

Agricultural Engineer

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Heavenly Roots Farm writes, “Agricultural engineering focuses on designing, developing, and improving farming equipment and systems, offering a manageable stress level and an average salary of $79,000.” A bachelor’s degree in agricultural or biological engineering would be needed to pursue this career.


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Astronomers study celestial bodies in a low-conflict environment. After all, it’s just the astronomer and the stars! An annual salary can range from $59,420 to a huge $185,780. A person will need a doctoral degree as there will be lots of research and analysis to carry out.


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The role of this occupation is to solve math problems across various fields. Mathematicians will usually work in quiet and predictable environments, as they will need calm to concentrate. Depending on the mathematician’s role, advanced degrees may be needed, as a person will need to provide evidence they have the ability to solve problems.

Information Security Analyst (Ethical Hacker)

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The role of an information security analyst is commonly seen as being low-stress. This is supported by Trade Schools, which writes, “Information security analysts typically work regular weekday hours, and overtime is uncommon (i.e., it usually only happens during emergencies). The work environment generally produces little conflict, and there is minimal public scrutiny as long as security is being upheld.”

Biomedical Engineer

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A biomedical engineer will design and develop biomedical devices. It’s considered to be a low-stress job due to a quiet work environment and a predictable workflow. To become a biomedical engineer, a person will need a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as biology.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

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This job role requires a person to operate imaging equipment for diagnostics. The work setting for this job is relatively calm, and a person usually knows the exact amount of work they’ll have for that day. To apply for a job as a diagnostic medical sonographer, a person will need to have specialized training in sonography.

Dietitian or Nutritionist

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Shmoop writes, “Dietitians have one of the least stressful careers out there.” It’s considered low stress because a dietitian will barely work overtime and will have a flexible schedule. The role of a dietitian or nutritionist is to plan the nutrition of an individual or group.

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