Melissa Recommends

If you’re looking for tools or resources that will help you manage your money, here are some resources that I recommend:

General Personal Finance

Die With Zero: This is an interesting book on maximizing net fulfillment over net worth.  Its a practical guide on how to get both the most out of your money as well as out of your life.  The author is a hedge fund manager, entrepreneur and philanthropist named Bill Perkins. Its excellent if you want to strike a balance between your money and your life.  You can pick it up for 8 bucks on Amazon.


Another great book to read is Ramit Sethis’ I Will Teach You to Be Rich.  Its a solid read which provides a lot of good basic nuts and bolts advice on paying off debt, setting up bank accounts, scripts for getting out of late fees, getting practical savings, how to handle large expenses and best practices for getting a raise a work.

Also – the website associated with the book is here =>

Debt Reduction

For debt reduction tools, you might consider utilizing is mobile friendly debt payoff calculator which provides you a mobile friendly debt payoff plan.  Its free and gives you a cool printable plan which is customized to

Credit Score

Don’t pay to check your credit score.  You can get it for free.  Increasingly banks are providing this information, but if your bank isn’t offering it, you can use these two sites.

Also you can always contact the three major credit reporting agencies. They’ll send you your for a small fee. The contact information for the three major credit reporting agencies is:

Trans Union (800-916-8800)
Equifax (800-685-1111)
Experian (888-397-3742)

Personal Finance Blogs

There are a number of great personal finance blogs out there.  Some other good ones are: – The founder has done a magnificent job with the site. – This is nice little site focused on teaching kids about money. – This website has an excellent sleeper forums that is worth visiting if you need a community of people interested in money.