Mining your digital Money with Benefits

Cryptocurrency mining is the 21st century gold rush. In pursuit of cryptocurrency, miners are buying up video cards and crypto farms worth thousands of dollars. But is it possible to mine without serious investments? Everyone with a mobile phone in their hands is a potential miner. RusCoinsInfo opens the door to the world of mobile mining. Together with all readers of the article, we will go from an ordinary smartphone user to a successful (or not) cryptocurrency miner.

How to earn bitcoins on an Android phone, on which smartphones it is better to mine, which programs are installed for mining, what is the point of mining cryptocurrency from mobile devices and mobile crypto mining as a serious source of income – will tell you all about mining

 You can use for Mining on an Android smartphone and on Mobile device based on Android. Any phone is suitable, not just the top-end device from Samsung; Internet and account in the Play Market, from where we download the miner; Battery or phone is charging. Mining – mining cryptocurrency – in fact, is the conversion of electricity and “iron” into coins. To get new coins you need access to the Internet. In principle, with proper dexterity, we will also force the Soviet Electronics calculator to mine. And to make getting a crypto device on Android easy.

Its properties and purposes are the same as that of a regular currency, it is a means of payment. However, there are important differences, in addition to the prefix “crypto”. For bitcoins, you can buy, for example, a new computer. You can return the debt to a friend. You can bring them to the stock exchange. Or you can wait for the cue ball to grow compared to your national currency and sell it profitably. Everything is like a regular currency. 

The currency is stored on bitcoin addresses. Bitcoin address is a set of Latin letters and numbers 34 characters long (case is important!). Blockchain technology provides work with bitcoin.

Bitcoin has enjoyed particular popularity due to its immense increase in value over the past 11 years. Bitcoin is not an isolated case. Therefore, cryptocurrencies are often dismissed by many as volatile instruments for high-risk trading, the existence of which is justified solely by speculative trading.

The ability to make quick money may have lured many into the cryptocurrency space, but in truth there are many unknown and valuable uses for these decentralized electronic currencies. Because that’s exactly how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were originally intended: as decentralized electronic currencies.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a chain of blocks (always on guard, your Captain Evidence). We can say a data log with records of all transactions in a given currency (here it is about ours with Bitcoin) that have occurred since its inception. And this journal is constantly updated with a new leaflet (block). 

Each new block contains a fresh update to the transaction log. The block is crammed with our bitcoin transfers, it is formed and transmitted to confirm the network, which consists of millions, or perhaps even billions of computers around the world. The network confirms the block and the bitcoins are sent to the destination addresses, and the computers that contributed to the confirmation are rewarded. 

In order to use bitcoin, it is not at all necessary to understand how blockchain works. We all use a computer, but we may not know why he needs a motherboard or how the chip works in a video card. It is enough to have a general idea, so that at the right time, if asked, do not face the dirt. If enough people gather (the same geeks)

Why do need bitcoin? What are his charms?

Complete anonymity. You can easily pay for your specific purchases, friend 🙂 No PTS-address is attached to a surname or name, address and anything else that is usually required in our bank. There is only an electronic signature that you can issue only yourself.

No servers, therefore – no attacks, therefore – an extremely high level of security.  You can trust the block chain, it is more difficult to close than your bank, but it is completely transparent