Don’t Forget About These Personal Budget Categories

personal budget categories

It’s the end of the year which means it’s the perfect time for you to be thinking about your budget. And before you firm up your budget, there are a few budget categories you should forget that are often forgotten. So before you’ve pressed “save” and dust your hands off, make sure you’ve included these personal budget categories:

Entertainment Expenses

Going out for dinner with friends or catching a flick at the local cinema with your significant other are legitimate expenses that you will very likely make this year. However, entertainment expenses are often forgotten budget categories. Make sure to add them so you don’t have to stretch your cash to enjoy a night out!

Household Products

I fully admit to, on several occasions, forgetting to add household products as one of my budget categories. And it might surprise you how much money your toilet paper, kleenex, cleaning supplies and laundry detergent cost when you’re not planning on the expense.

You might have to take an educated guess to how much you’re going to need for this if you’ve never added it before but pay attention to the expense this year and you’ll have a great idea for next!


It’s the holiday season right now so if you forgot gifts as one of your budget categories last year you’re probably feeling the effects of that right now. Make sure next year that you include any Christmas or birthday gifts you want to purchase next year! Plus, if you shell out cash for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day add those too!


Clothing is kind of a must-have, but it’s often left off the budget categories list. And yet, every year we all likely have to add a few pieces to our wardrobe yearly. Make sure that you add at least a bit on your budget for this… if you’re a big clothing spender be honest with yourself!


Seriously, you probably don’t have alcohol listed as one of your budget categories but you probably spend at least a little bit on alcohol fairly regularly. Now, I’m not personally much of a drinker but I read that the average American spends $565 per year. That’s a fairly decent-sized chunk of your budget to be leaving out, so make sure you count it this year!

Pet Expenses

If you have a furry roommate that does nothing to earn their keep (besides being adorable) then you’ll the cash to cover their expenses. Make sure to include food, toys, beds and vet visits so your furry friend lives their #bestlife. If you want to save some extra money and keep your pet safe and healthy, then maybe you should think about getting an affordable pet health insurance.


This includes everything from Netflix and Amazon Prime to your monthly copy of Cosmopolitan magazine. These expenses usually go straight to our credit card and we probably forget about them. Make sure you take an account of all the subscriptions you have, cut the ones you’re not using, and add the rest to your budget!

WildCard Expenses

Get a promotion or have a bad day? Last minute invite to Sandy from the office’s birthday lunch and you have to cough up a portion of her bill? Learn your favorite indie band is playing the local club and you have to have tickets?

Everyone once and a while you’ll probably buy something you don’t need. Or maybe you do need it but you weren’t expecting to. Whatever those expenses are, make sure you have somewhere to pull them from in your budget. That way you can afford that ticket, book or bag and the added expense won’t keep you up all night!

What budget categories do you forget to include on your yearly budget? Share them in the comments below!

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