Missouri Republican Secretary of State Threatens to Remove Biden From 2024 Ballot as Trump Payback

Missouri Republican Jay Ashcroft said that while he didn’t want to do it, he wrote the warning to “remind people of how severe it is.” Ashcroft’s threat follows similar comments from Texas lieutenant governor Dan Patrick, but others, including Gavin Newsom, stayed out of the debate.

Ashcroft says rules are rules

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As the Supreme Court decides whether Republican frontrunner Donald Trump can be removed from this year’s presidential ballot, Missouri’s top Republican official said he would hold President Joe Biden to the “new legal standing” if the ruling remains.

Insurrectionists shall not hold office

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Colorado’s Supreme Court removed Trump from the ballot, citing the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause. Shortly after the Colorado decision, Maine’s Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows, also disqualified Trump from the state primary ballot.

Disgraceful decisions

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Hours after the U.S. Supreme Court’s announcement that it would hear Trump’s appeal of the Colorado decision, Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft posted on X, “What has happened in Colorado & Maine is disgraceful & undermines our republic.”

Consistent approach

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“While I expect the Supreme Court to overturn this, if not, Secretaries of State will step in & ensure the new legal standard for Donald Trump applies equally to President Biden.”

It’s no joke

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Speaking to NBC News, Ashcroft said he had tweeted the warning to “remind people of how severe this is.”

Amicus brief warning

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The Republican added, “I’m 99 percent certain the Supreme Court will stop it, but if they don’t, chaos is ahead and we’ve got to avoid it.” Ashcroft also said he plans to file an amicus brief that supports neither party to warn the Supreme Court of what he fears will happen if Colorado’s disqualification of Trump is allowed to stand.

Let Democrats and Republicans run

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“If Democrat states are saying we’re not going to let these Republicans run, you bet you’re going to see the same thing happening from Republican states. And it’s not good,” Ashcroft warned.

Ashcroft’s analogy

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“If you’re playing a basketball game and the other team doesn’t have to dribble the ball, eventually you’re going to say, ‘Why am I worried about dribbling the ball?'”

Southern border crisis

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When asked by NBC how he would disqualify Biden from Missouri’s ballot under the insurrection clause, Ashcroft replied that the president had “let an invasion unstopped into our country from the border.”

Calls out VP Harris

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Vice President Kamala Harris, Ashcroft added, “supported people that were rebelling against the U.S. government during the riots in 2020,” referring to the protests that followed the Minneapolis police murder of George Floyd. “If this is the standard, does that suddenly mean she’s not allowed to run? None of us can say, because there is no standard,” he said.

It’s not just Ashcroft

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Ashcroft’s threats follow Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick’s citing of high immigration levels at the US-Mexico border as a reason to boot Biden from the ballot. “Maybe we should take Joe Biden off the ballot in Texas for allowing 8 million people to cross the border since he’s been president, disrupting our state far more than anything anyone else has done in recent history.”

But Newsom’s above the fray

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But others are staying clear of the controversial decision altogether. California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom defied calls from his lieutenant governor to remove Trump from the state’s primary ballot. He also recently stated that while there is “no doubt that Donald Trump is a threat to our liberties and even to our democracy … we defeat candidates at the polls. Everything else is a political distraction.”


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