17 Modern Trends That Baby Boomers Just Can’t Accept

The growth of technology has developed so many different trends. The younger generations seem to love them, but for older generations like the baby boomers, it’s different. Here are 17 modern trends that baby boomers just can’t accept.

The Gig Economy

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The gig economy has seen people exploring freelance and contract work instead of the traditional 9–5. This is allowing younger generations to explore different options for their careers. For baby boomers, however, it’s harder to accept, as job security is something they value. The gig economy doesn’t offer the traditional full-time employment of the 9–5.


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According to Investopedia, “Millennial, Generation X, and Generation Z investors are most likely to hold cryptocurrencies, while baby boomers are highly unlikely to invest in digital currencies.” Due to the lack of regulations, baby boomers have ongoing concerns regarding the safety of crypto, which leads them to opt out of the investment.

Social Media as a Primary Communication Tool

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Many younger generations will use social media on a daily basis. They use it to communicate with friends or view what they’ve been up to. For boomers, there are too many different social media outlets. They prefer to communicate with people in the traditional way, face-to-face.

Acceptance of Remote Work

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Over recent years, the shift to remote work has become very popular. The benefits of not having to commute to the office save you money and time. Baby boomers have a different view and prefer an office environment where they can interact and socialize with colleagues.

Influencer Culture 

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Influencers have become the new celebrities to the younger generation. They follow their daily movements on social media, and many people look up to them. Baby boomers don’t share the same views on influencers and have no interest in following the commercialized lives of others.

Streaming Entertainment vs. Traditional Media

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The Harvard Business Review confirms, “Baby boomers remain the base of traditional PayTV… even with the quickening decline of bundled TV services.” Baby boomers are still preferring traditional TV to modern streaming services. The array of choices can be overwhelming for baby boomers, making them stick to what they know.

Modern Dating Practices

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The roles of dating and relationships have evolved. Online dating has now become the normal way for people to meet. As we communicate online in many other ways, the younger generations are now using it to find their life partners. Baby boomers haven’t followed this trend as they have safety concerns about dating online and prefer to meet people in person.

Veganism and Plant-based Diets

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Plant-based diets are becoming popular among younger generations. The diet has many health benefits and is a more ethical way of eating. Baby boomers, however, don’t buy into it and much prefer their traditional meat diet. This is what they’ve grown up eating, and they don’t see the benefits of switching diets. 

Electric Vehicles

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With concerns about the future of our planet, many younger generations are opting for electric vehicles. This reduces emissions and has a positive impact on the environment. Boomers, however, have skepticism over electric vehicles and their technology. They don’t seem to trust the reliability of these modern vehicles.

Minimalism and Decluttering

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Younger generations seem to be living in more minimalistic homes. These simplistic, decluttered environments make for more enjoyable living with positive impacts on mental health. However, this is the opposite for boomers, who prefer large antique furniture and storage rooms. Boomers have stuck to their traditional way of living and won’t adopt this modern trend.

Having Political Correctness and Language Sensitivity

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In recent years, language that was regularly used by boomers is now being viewed as politically incorrect or rude. As mentioned by The Diversity Movement, “Political correctness can create discomfort, which prevents people from engaging.” Boomers find the younger generation sensitive and refrain from changing their vocabulary. This can lead to misunderstandings between generations.

The Sharing Economy

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Younger generations often take part in the sharing culture. They’ll share personal assets like cars or even homes with friends or family. This differs from the value of full ownership that boomers have. They were raised with the view of working hard and owning it, so it’s theirs, and they struggle with the idea of sharing personal assets.

The Rise of AI

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The rise of AI has been aggressive, and we’re only at the start of it. Barna reports that 49% of boomers are skeptical of AI. Baby boomers don’t seem to be able to trust AI and have concerns that they’ll be replacing human jobs in industries such as manufacturing.

Health and Wellness Technology

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Younger generations use health and wellness apps on their phones or even on their smartwatches to track how many steps they’ve completed or what their heart rate is. This is helping them keep on top of their well-being. Boomers haven’t followed this approach, as they have concerns over the privacy of health data, so they stick to their traditional methods.

Urbanization and the Decline of Rural Life

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Younger generations prefer the urban life of living in a city. Cities provide younger populations with everything they need in one place and are a great place to socialize and network. Many boomers have preferred the opposite and enjoy rural life. Cities are too overcrowded for them, so they prefer to stick to their more peaceful environment.

The Normalization of Tattoos and Piercings

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Many young people today have some form of tattoo or piercing. It has become a new culture and allows people to express themselves and feel confident. Professional environments are much more accepting of this today than when boomers were growing up. Boomers still have their traditional views and won’t be following this trend at their age.

Gender Identity and Expression

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Younger generations have different views around genders compared to baby boomers. The youth of today are much more accepting of the many different genders compared to the traditional thought that there are only two. This is being accepted in society, but boomers are struggling to change their views as they’ve held them for many years.

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