More Vape for Your Budget: 5 Online Stores That Offer More For Less

Vape shops are everywhere. They’re in brick and mortar stores all over the place, and the number of online retailers is countless too. So how do you know where to go for some really good deals? Let me show you.

Firstly let me start by pointing out all of these retailers are online sellers. This is to keep the list relevant for more people and also because ordering online tends to be easier, faster and cheaper than going to an actual store. With that in mind, and the health revelations of vaping being safer than smoking, it’s no wonder online vape retailers are the most popular.


  • Discount Vape Pen


Discount Vape Pen (DVP) are a reliable and reputable online seller. One of the biggest advantages from these guys is that they offer free shipping on all orders, often sending out parcels on the same day that orders are received. Larger orders also get free priority shipping, so they arrive even quicker.

DVP also offer refunds and returns without much hassle as long as the item is returned within 7 days and is either defective or unopened.


  • Vaporescence


Vaporescence are certainly one of the retailers that you can get more than usual from. They offer a very wide range of products which you can view either by product type or by brand name. Other features include fast shipping (free on orders of $50 or more) and a very useful educational section, known as ‘Vape 101’.

With ‘Vape 101’ you can go in with very little info and use this resource to educate yourself before ordering. It’s a great help to make sure you’re buying the right product and can be a great resource even for experienced vapers.


  • VaporFi


The biggest feature you get from using VaporFi is the customizability. They are big on helping you to find the perfect device for you, and on offering specialized kits as well. There are a number of color options on many pens and flavors on the liquids, so variety is large and you’re always going to find something that you like.


  • GP Vapor


GP Vapor are a New Hampshire based seller with little online presence. Despite them being a smaller and newer seller, they have a wide variety of products and already have gotten a lot of good feedback from their customers.

Of course vaping is still believed to have some risks, though these are notably lower than the risks of smoking itself. With this in mind you might want to browse a reputable retailer like GP Vapor if you’re considering making the switch.


  • Elevated Vaping


A large seller who has a lot of online presence, Elevated Vaping offer one of the biggest ranges of liquids I’ve ever seen. This goes for brands, flavors, sizes and anything else you can think of. They started in the earlier days of vaping and also offer some nice perks, such as free delivery on orders of $20 or over.