Mortgage Guide: A Simple Definition

When you need a mortgage to buy a home, you should be able to know everything about mortgages. Money is a very sensitive issue and you need to cover your basis before venturing on something that involves it. You need to find out whether you are in a position to borrow and where you can get the opportunity to borrow. The workings of the entire process will enable you to make an informed decision.

What is a Mortgage?

A mortgage is a loan you take to buy land or property. The security for the loan is equivalent to the value of your home until you pay it back. Failure to pay it back will give the lender the authority to repossess your property, put it on the market and sell it so that they can recover their money. Most mortgages accrue for a term of 25 years or a shorter term.

Qualifications for a Mortgage

Before you settle on a mortgage, you should be certain that you could afford it. You should know that owning a house comes with a lot of maintenance, which means a lot of money. Lenders need to prove whether you will be able to keep up with the repayments even when there is a rise in the interest rates. If they feel that you do not qualify for the mortgage, they will not offer it to you.

You need to submit your financial information to your lender.

This includes:

  • Your income
  • Your certain expenses
  • Any debts you have
  • Your household bills
  • Your personal expenses
  • Your child expenses if any

Mortgage Application

After the lender finishes their fact-finding mission and establishes that you can afford a mortgage, you begin the mortgage application. The lender will help you identify the kind of mortgage you need and give you a binding offer the moment your application goes through and an illustration mortgage document that explains the details of a mortgage. You will then get 7 days or more to assess the offer and get back to your lender. You can waive this period to speed up the process of purchasing your home. The lender cannot withdraw or change their offer during this period.

Where You Get a Mortgage

You can get a mortgage by applying for it from the bank or building society out of their range of products. You can hire an independent financial adviser or a mortgage broker to get you the best mortgage deals. You can also look up mortgage guides to enable you to understand what exists in the market. You should really be careful when choosing a mortgage because when things go bad later on you will not be able to pull the plug.

In conclusion, a mortgage needs your full attention to detail. You should collaborate with professionals to ensure that you get the right mortgage deal that will enable you to pay it back comfortably. Your financial security now and in the future should be at the forefront of your mind before you take on a mortgage. You need all the information you can get so that you make the right decision.