19 Most Charming Small Towns in America

As well as its big cities, America is also known for its small towns. Many are quaint towns with beautiful scenery, plenty of history, and a strong sense of community. Here are the 19 most charming small towns in America.

Great Barrington, Massachusetts

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Enjoy Travel writes, “Berkshire County’s Great Barrington is known for being one of the country’s most charming small towns.” Great Barrington is the perfect spot for anyone who loves nature, thanks to its local farmer’s markets and fresh spiced cider. This small town also has many great culinary spots, such as plenty of pubs and restaurants to choose from.

Bennington, Vermont

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Bennington has both an artsy and historic vibe, with a strong dedication to Robert Frost. The small town is also home to the largest working craft pottery in the United States. There’s plenty to keep you occupied in Bennington, such as the local farmer’s markets and the historic Deerfield.

Bisbee, Arizona

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Bisbee has a rich history due to its roots in Apache, cavalry, and mining. The small town has a thriving arts scene and lots of spots for food. You’ll find art galleries and local dining spots in the small town to ensure you never become bored. Bisbee offers a charming small-town atmosphere and lots of pub crawls.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

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Nantucket is well known for being one of the most charming small towns in the U.S. This is supported by Only in Your State, which writes, “This isolated island is certainly the most beautiful small town in Massachusetts with endless scenery, beaches, and views.” Nantucket is a quaint small town that has cobblestone streets and a beautiful harbor.

Whitefish, Montana

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Whitefish is known as an outdoor paradise. The small town has lots of outdoor activities, such as biking and hiking. There are also local art studios if you’re looking for something to do inside. If you become hungry while visiting Whitefish, the best place to visit is Sweet Peaks Ice Cream.

Chimayó, New Mexico

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You’ll find this small town in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. It has a charming small-town feel and is known for its history and cultural significance. This small town in New Mexico offers both natural beauty and artisanal crafts, making it a great spot to visit.

Sanibel Island, Florida

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Sanibel Island is known for its relaxed way of life. For example, Far and Wide writes, “Skip overcrowded Miami and head to this well-kept local secret. Sanibel Island is the definition of relaxed.” The small town is also huge on wildlife conservation and has a serious commitment to it.

Essex, Connecticut

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Essex has many small, preserved historic houses that are charming to look at, and it’s also home to the Connecticut River Museum. If you head to Essex, you’ll want to stop off at one of the oldest pubs in the country, the Griswold Inn.

Meredith, New Hampshire

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You’ll find Meredith located on Lake Winnipesaukee’s shores. It has a quiet charm and doesn’t fit in with tourist clichés. You can take part in outdoor activities such as taking a stroll around the lake or going out on a boat. Meredith is also home to the Archie comic illustrator, Bob Montana.

Chatham, Massachusetts

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World Atlas writes, “This cute town is picture-perfect with the best sun-drenched beaches along Cape Cod.” Chatham is a popular Cape Cod town thanks to its wood-shingled houses and oceanfront shops. It’s also known for its seal population and having lots of great white sharks in the area.

Littleton, New Hampshire

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Littleton offers plenty of small-town charm thanks to its sense of community and scenic beauty. There’s also lots to do in Littleton, with many outdoor activities available and cultural attractions. This small town is well known for both its historical significance and cultural events.

Nevada City, California

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Nevada City is off the beaten path in California. It has plenty of outdoor activities to take part in and also has a great arts scene. This small town hosts the Wild & Scenic Film Festival and the Heart of Gold Gravel Ride. There’s lots of history in Nevada City and many cultural events to sink your teeth into.

Asheville, North Carolina

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Asheville is surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains, which means there are plenty of stunning views from the small town. This is supported by Trips to Discover, which writes, “This town enjoys lovely views of the mountains and has a lot of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to explore.”

Taos, New Mexico

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Taos is filled with art, history, and culture. It even has Taos Pueblo, which is an ancient city belonging to Taos-speaking Native Americans. There are many outdoor activities to take part in, such as skiing in Taos Ski Valley. You can also visit its museums and galleries or try out the southwestern cuisine.

Charlestown, Rhode Island

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Charlestown is a picturesque small town. It has lots of golden sands to take a walk on, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, there are plenty of hiking trails. The small town has award-winning Indigenous cuisine and a unique shopping experience at the Fantastic Umbrella Factory.

Eureka, Nevada

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Family Destinations Guide writes, “Eureka is a charming, historic mining town offering visitors a unique blend of old-west charm and modern-day amenities.” Things to do in this small town include going on a tour of the Eureka Opera House and heading to the Sentinel Museum.

Tullahoma, Tennessee

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Tullahoma is full of beauty and rich history. It has plenty of activities to keep visitors entertained, such as the center for avionics and aviation pursuits. You’ll also be able to take part in many outdoor recreational activities or head to cultural attractions that are all family-friendly.

Narragansett, Rhode Island

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This New England coastal escape has long sandy beaches and beautiful lighthouses. Narragansett has a laid-back surf feel and a relaxed vibe in the town. The small town is well known for its quirky places to eat and its small surrounding fishing villages.

Astoria, Oregon

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The Travel writes, “Founded in 1811, Astoria is one of the most charming seaside towns in Oregon.” This small town is rich in history and also has an exciting cultural scene. It offers many scenic views and a wide variety of outdoor activities. If you head to Astoria, then make sure to visit all its historical landmarks.

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